Match Point Just Got A Lot More Classy With Chanel Tennis Balls

Chanel Tennis Balls

game, set, match

The world of fashion never ceases to amaze. Sure, Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection mixed the classic Chanel jacket with sportier pieces, but Monsieur Lagerfeld has taken it one step further. Or perhaps one game further, by introducing Chanel tennis balls.

Chanel Tennis Racket
This isn’t a racket to drop after the game ends

Far, far more than your ordinary balls-in-a-tube, Chanel’s version eschews traditional green for pearl white. Emblazoned with the interlocking Cs, of course. When not in use, the four balls should be safely tucked away in their black leather pouch. Quilted, of course. And should you feel the need to go all matchy-matchy, there’s a tennis racket – pearl white as well with blue grips – to scratch that coordination itch. Just keep your eye on the ball boy, in case he decides to pocket these beauties.