Christina Sok, Life by Design

Christina Sok, owner of Life By Design

A self-professed “mompreneur” and coach who helps people go from doing life by default to living life by design, Christina Sok has broken the mould of how a working mother can live and make a living. Starting as an account executive at Publicis, an advertising agency in New York City, the Art History graduate and former arts professional has set up an art gallery, worked as an independent curator and writer, and delved into the world of business.

“The art industry was a natural progression for me as I was passionate about art since a young age,” reflects Sok. “I have always been good at writing too, so writing and publishing was one of my dreams. I went into business as I was looking for freedom and autonomy.”

There’s always something she wants to change in each of the ecosystems she’s in. In the art industry, it’s about abolishing the unspoken hierarchy and superficiality. She refers to the art world as “super commercialised”, commenting that art itself is overlooked. In general, she wants to change how rigid the traditional workforce and corporate life is.

“I feel that we still work under the archaic paradigm of the 18th/19th century industrial revolution era, when in reality the world has changed so much largely due to technology, and the nature of work has changed too,” says Sok. “Yet people are still commuting to offices and restricted by non-flexible work arrangements. You should just be able to work, play and live without such delineated boundaries.”

Amen to that.

Christina Sok, Life by Design