Dr Julian Hosp

Dr Julian Hosp, international blockchain expert and author

“It has always been my passion to shape the future,” says Dr Julian Hosp. Enter Blockchain, the disruptor with innumerable possibilities to change the world. While most think of cryptography as something that’ll grow tomorrow, Dr Hosp wants you to get started now.

“A lot of people believe that blockchain must be difficult to understand and that they will never understand that ‘new thing’,” the Austrian native shares. “The technology is challenging to fully understand with all its facets, but the concept in total can be understood by everybody quite easily.”

His solution? Make the world #cryptofit, as he calls it, so that everybody gets the opportunity to understand more of what’s to come “tomorrow”. To aid this, he hopes for “less religious blind fanboy followership” in favour of more rational thinking within the industry.

Before diving deep into Blockchain, Dr Hosp surfed the waves as one of the top 10 professional kitesurfers in the world. A former trauma surgeon, he left what he calls a “traditional job” for something that would change the world. While he came from a vastly different field, it’s viewed as an asset that has enabled him to disrupt an existing one – Dr Hosp believes that when you know of the world outside the box, you can then disrupt it.

Endearingly,  the serial entrepreneur, bestselling author and keynote speaker still keeps his life lessons from kitesurfing close to heart. “As a surfer you learn quite quick: No risk, no fun. But what you learn at the same time: No limits, no life,” he sums. And coming from a man who looks up to Warren Buffet and Jeff Bezos, you can be sure he’s putting his money where his mouth is.

Dr Julian Hosp