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Diageo Cask of Distinction
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Leisure Art & Collectibles

Buy a cask of Diageo’s rarest whiskies through its Cask of Distinction programme in Singapore
Michael Moebius
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Leisure Art & Collectibles

Interview with Michael Moebius: The German painter explains how Western pop culture influences his paintings and Pop! Pop! artworks
Gajah Gallery, Sabri Idrus
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Leisure Art & Collectibles

Malaysian artist Sabri Idrus presents his solo exhibition, Power — Now and There at Gajah Gallery in Singapore
Stephane Graff
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Leisure Art & Collectibles

Artist Stephane Graff talks about contemporary art, growing art prices and his enigmatic Professore photographic piece
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Leisure Art & Collectibles

The Flying Dutchman, on his collection of Montblanc writing instruments: “Writing taught me how to say sorry to my children”
d’Arenberg winery, The Cube
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Leisure Travel | Savour | Art & Collectibles

What to do in South Australia: The d’Arenberg Cube offers art, wine tasting and blending workshops and fine dining experiences
Yun Long Zi and Princess Norodom
7 / 10

Leisure Art & Collectibles

Art exhibitions in Singapore: Lotus On Water presents special feng shui art exhibition in Singapore
Ilse Crawford
8 / 10

Leisure Art & Collectibles

Interview with British interior designer Ilse Crawford: “Having training in journalism means that you keep an open mind until you’ve done the interrogation.”
Bahrain Art Week Singapore
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Business Art & Collectibles

Review of Bahrain Art Week at the Museum of Contemporary Arts at Dempsey in Singapore
Morning tea at Partners and Mucciaccia, Robb Report Ultimates Drives 2018
10 / 10

Leisure 2018 | Art & Collectibles

Robb Report Ultimate Drives 2018 presented by Opus by Prudential: World’s best art museums, how to start your collection and touring Gillman Barracks, our city’s gallery district

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