The Lotus Emeya GT is set to be one of the fastest electric grand tourers in the world

By Hannah Choo 1 December, 2023
Lotus Emeya GT

The Lotus Emeya GT hopes to be 2024’s rival to the Porsche Taycan and Audi e-tron GT

“Simplify, then add lightness.” Colin Chapman, founder of the Lotus brand, was known for his pragmatism and a keen eye for applying new ideas in innovative ways. Heavy and complicated electric cars weren’t exactly on his mind, but a track-obsessed past is being complemented with an electric future, starting with the limited-run Evija hypercar, Eletre SUV and just launched in September, the Emeya GT, 2024’s rival to the Porsche Taycan and Audi e-tron GT. By 2028, the lineup will be fully electric. 

As the flagship model of Lotus’ luxury performance electric vehicles, the Emeya would be the automaker’s first four-door hyper GT. Due for production in the coming year, it is expected to be one of the fastest electric GTs in the world. It’s a bold claim, but numbers suggest a top speed of 256km/hr and a horsepower of 905. On paper, it can accelerate from zero to 100km/hr in 2.78 seconds. Featuring the same electric skateboard architecture as the Eletre, the Emeya will come with a pair of motors for a full-time all-wheel drive experience. This is in the power of Lotus’ ICC intelligent torque distribution, which sends power variably to all wheels. 

Lotus Emeya GT
The Lotus Emeya GT is expected to drive at a top speed of 256km/hr. Photo by Lotus

The range is also expected to be “broadly similar” to that of the Eletre (read: 600km), though we hope it would top that range in record time. Rapid charging can extend the range by 150km in just five minutes, but if you can spare the time, the 102kWh battery at 10 per cent will be at 80 in a heartbeat… an 18-minute heartbeat. Other key features include active aerodynamics, an electronically controlled air suspension system for a smooth ride, and even Dolby Atmos-enabled 3D surround sound, developed with leading British audio company KEF.