How to Purchase a Salvador Dali art piece

Master of craft

For those who didn’t manage to catch a glimpse of Salvador Dali’s works when it was first showcased in Singapore two years ago, here’s your second chance. From now until 5 October, view an anthology of works by iconic artist Salvador Dali. Most known for his The Persistence of Memory artwork, otherwise known as the ‘melting clocks’ to the everyday layman, this collection showcases a different side of the surrealist artist.

The collection, titled The Argillet Collection, is the result of collaborations between Dali and his publisher-cum-confidante, Pierre Argillet that took place over the course of more than 30 years.

Apart from paintings, The Argillet Collection includes other mediums of work including copper plates, porcelain art and tapestries. The latter two were originally conceived for two museums, Dali’s Teatro-Museo in Figueres, Spain and Argillet’s surrealism Château de Vaux-le-Pénil in Melun in France.

Highlights of the show include porcelain plates that were developed by Dali and Argillet in 1972, based on Dali’s etchings done in the late ‘60s. To complete the work, they roped in the help of a famous porcelain maker in Limoges, who detailed the limited edition series with delicate lines, pastel colours, and gold leaf patterns.

Each piece showcased has been authenticated and signed by Dali.

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