Robb Report Singapore Thought Leader: Nicholas Lim, CEO (Asia) of The Travel Corporation

Nicholas Lim

Get to know Nicholas Lim, CEO (Asia) of The Travel Corporation and member of the Robb Report Singapore Thought Leaders community

Few people can say that they jumpstarted their careers at the tender age of 12, but that’s exactly what Nicholas Lim did – even though he didn’t know it at the time. “I started working at the door of a hotel when I was 12 years old and held various jobs at hotels over the school holidays during my teens,” he reminisces. “I suppose you could say I was hooked on the travel industry from then.”

Even without the part-time jobs, Lim would probably have developed an affinity for the travel industry. He was a seasoned traveller long before he became the CEO of Asia at The Travel Corporation (TTC), travelling weekly to visit his father, who used to be based overseas. “As a young boy travelling out of Paya Lebar airport, I was fascinated by flying and how nice the crew was. They were always smiling and never seemed to have a bad day,” he recalls fondly.

Those boyhood moments remain an inspiration for him today. “These are the wonderful memories that I continue to cherish. Hence, it has always been my mission to deliver the best to our guests across every touch point at TTC.”

Having guided TTC through a harrowing two years, Lim has come out on the other side with some insights. “What is clear is that a strategy built only around price is doomed to fail. Consumers now are a lot savvier and demanding more, so businesses will have to review their quality and delivery,” he shares.

“To reconcile this, TTC provides a range of curated itineraries for different demographics, from Contiki for the adventurous youths, to Uniworld’s luxury cruises for the slightly older generation. We curate itineraries and brands to match experiences.”

Looking ahead, Lim’s next goal is to grow TTC’s footprint across Asia. He has already started with a new office in India. “The move has repaid many times over,” he says of the venture. “I look to doing the same with other new markets in Asia.”

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