Six of the latest grooming products you need to know

By Amos Chin 22 March, 2024
one of the latest grooming products, Miss Dior Mini Miss

From Dior to Jo Malone, here are six of the latest grooming products you should take note of

As we reach the first quarter of the new year, it’s the perfect time to refresh and rejuvenate our grooming routines. Whether you’re battling dryness, looking to add a glow, or simply seeking something new, the right grooming products can make all the difference.

We’ve curated a list of the latest grooming products designed to inject your grooming routine with a much-needed boost.

Drunk Elephant Bora Barrier Repair Cream

one of the latest grooming products, Drunk Elephant Bora Barrier
Photo by Drunk Elephant

Drunk Elephant’s most indulgent cream to date, this rich, buttery formulation is clinically proven to provide profound, 24-hour moisture, specifically designed to rejuvenate and restore even the most parched and delicate skin.

The reparative, ultra-rich lipid cream is a powerhouse of skin-loving ingredients. Glucosyl ceramides, calming beta-sitosterols, and essential zinc and copper salt minerals work in harmony to not only moisturise but also nourish the skin. This unique blend promotes the natural synthesis of healthy collagen, vital lipids, and hyaluronic acid, contributing to a robust and resilient skin structure. In turn, a deeply hydrated and firmer skin with reduced visible redness and healthier skin barrier comes through.

Boasting a thick viscosity, this cream is best incorporated into your nighttime skincare routine. For a personalised touch, it can be seamlessly combined with your favourite Drunk Elephant serums, ensuring a tailored approach to your skincare regimen.

Drunk Elephant

Dr Dennis Gross DRx SpectraLite LipWare Pro

one of the latest grooming products, Dr Dennis Gross DRx SpectraLite LipWare Pro
Photo by Dr Dennis Gross

Harnessing the cutting-edge prowess of LED technology, the FDA-cleared and clinically proven DRx SpectraLite LipWare Pro is a powerful device designed to combat visible signs of ageing on the lips. Featuring 56 LED red lights, this innovative tool targets the entire lip area, working to stimulate collagen production and promote a natural luster while enhancing blood circulation.

The DRx SpectraLite LipWare Pro also stands out for its ability to deliver transformative results with consistent and dedicated use—just three minutes per session. By leveraging the potential of LED lights, this device promises to unveil visibly fuller and more defined lips. Furthermore, it contributes to a naturally enhanced lip color, elevating your lip care routine to a new level of sophistication.

Dr Dennis Gross

Miss Dior Mini Miss

one of the latest grooming products, Miss Dior Mini Miss
Photo by Dior

The timeless elegance of Miss Dior Eau de Parfum and Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet now comes in a convenient stick form for use on the move. In harmony with its sophisticated fragrances, the exterior exudes equal allure, housed in an elegant refillable case embellished with the renowned houndstooth jacquard. The pearl grey hue graces Miss Dior Eau de Parfum, while a soft pink adorns Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet. The irresistible ‘Mini Miss’ is further adorned with majestic white stitching against a pink backdrop, akin to a couture signature.

Miss Dior

Jo Malone Red Hibiscus

one of the latest grooming products, Jo Malone Red Hibiscus
Photo by Jo Malone

Jo Malone London welcomes a new member to its Cologne Intense Collection: Red Hibiscus, an olfactory portrait inspired by a chance encounter with a rare and vivid flower in a tropical forest.

Upon the initial spritz, the fragrance unfolds with an invigorating burst of mandarin, creating an immediate and refreshing ambience. This lively introduction paves the way for the effervescent red hibiscus heart note, which emerges gracefully, infusing the composition with a captivating floral richness. As the fragrance settles, the base notes reveal a harmonious blend of sensuous vanilla and a hint of jasmine sambac, contributing to an exquisite and subtly sweet conclusion.

Jo Malone

Clarins Bi-Phase Serum and Restoring Cream-Mask

one of the latest grooming products, Clarins Bi-Phase Serum and Restoring Cream-Mask
Photo by Clarins

The Bi-Phrase Serum and Restoring Cream-Mask step into the spotlight as the latest products in Clarins’ Hydra-Essentiel [HA2] range–formulated to proffer unparalleled hydration in all circumstances.

Powered by the [HYALURONIC POWER COMPLEX+], a proprietary blend featuring organic Leaf of Life extract and a dual-action combination of regular and acetylated Hyaluronic Acids, these products offer a transformative, multi-dimensional hydration experience. This innovative formula ensures enduring and remarkably effective moisture retention. The result? Skin that is not only plumped and thoroughly hydrated but also fortified with a restored barrier for optimal health.


Aromatica Rosemary Salt Scrub Shampoo

one of the latest grooming products, Aromatica Rosemary Salt Scrub Shampoo
Photo by Aromatica

A panacea for hair loss, Aromatica’s Rosemary Salt Scrub Shampoo is a luxurious essential formulated to strengthen hair roots and normalise its growth cycle. Boasting efficacious ingredients like rosemary essential, Andes lake salt, probiotics, caffeine, and a triple peeling solution, it gently removes residual dead skin cells while reviving scalp vitality and restoring the balance of the compromised scalp. Additionally, the 3-in-1 daily scaling shampoo has an antioxidant and cooling effect that stimulates blood circulation. While it is suitable for daily use, we recommend adjusting the frequency to two to three times a week for those with sensitive scalps.


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