This odd-shaped pool table has us going bananas

By Charmaine Tai 25 October, 2017
Banana Pool Table

Going Bananas

A game of pool will never be the same again. Not with the Banana-shaped pool table at least. Mostly because your usual way of calculating the angles before taking a shot wouldn’t work.

But still!

Purling London’s outrageous Banana Pool Table (US$15,000, S$20,000), handmade in England by master craftsman Cleon Daniel, will add a layer of complexity to your pool games. With a solid ash frame, rails and hand-turned table legs, its professional slate bed comes covered in yellow billiard cloth made from pure Hainsworth wool. Dimensions, of course, are a 100 per cent different from what you’d expect from a typical pool table.  It stands approximately at 260cm (L), 170cm (W), with a height of 80cm.

The pool table also comes with Aramith 10 pool balls, two pool cues, a triangle and cue chalk. The usual black 8 ball is of course replaced by -you guessed it- a yellow ball. And unlike the everyday table with eight pockets, this just has four (one at each end, and two in the middle). So winning is anybody’s game, really.

Talk about a huge learning curve. Maybe the shape will drive you bananas (, maybe you’ll be hooked. Well, there’s only one way to find out. Grab a bunch of friends and have a go.

Purling London’s