Robb Report Singapore’s Car of the Year wraps up with a panel discussion on classic cars

The deal on investing

In addition to the over 40-strong display of classic cars on the last day of Robb Report Singapore’s Car of the Year 2017 was a panel discussion with four local classic car enthusiasts; some of whom have their cars on sale through Luxglove’s portal.

The discussion, moderated by Daryl Lee (extreme right), Robb Report Singapore’s motoring & technology editor, included (from left to right) Clarence Tan, Shreejit Chagaroth, Kumar Balasingam and Anil Thadani.

Here’s what we asked our panellists:
1:18 – How did you get started with classic cars?
3:32 – What makes a good investment car? Which brands sell better at auction? What criteria should people look for when investing in a classic car?
6:57 – Some car companies are no longer in business. How do you get parts for those cars?
12:46 – For a first-time classic car buyer, how or where do they get the information from? Is there a group or forum they can join?
17:09 – Why did you take so long to find the car of your dreams?
18:26 – What information would you give to a first-time buyer? What information do you wish you had when you bought your first classic car?
20:43 – There are many variations of a classic car. How did you decide which particular model to buy?
25:32 – Which modern cars do you think will make good, investible classics in the next 35 years?
31:00 – What are the dos and don’ts of collecting classic cars? What do you say to those with misconceptions that classic cars are unaffordable?