Cartier Shines Its Spotlight On Women At SIHH 2018

Cartier SIHH 2018

Fairer Sex

If there’s a singular takeaway for January 2018, it’s that women are taking the stage (cue Golden Globes’ #TimesUp campaign). Cartier backs it up with no less than 10 expressions, showcased at the SIHH 2018.

First up: The Cartier Libre collection is available in five different models, including an iconic Crash Radieuse. The Santos de Cartier sheds some winter weight while featuring a new bezel design, patented quick-switch system, and smart link system allowing you to remove links as you please.

You can’t miss the signature felines either. The Revelation du Panthere features 900 free moving gold microbeads that form the face of a panther when tilted, while the Rencontre de Cartier features two cats huddling over a ring on the dial. Then there’s also the Ronde Louis Cartier, covered in wood and gold leaf marquetry.

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