It’s a wrap!

By Charmaine Tai 17 September, 2016
Robb Report Singapore's Car of the Year 2016

Gear Four

What happens when you put a group of like-minded individuals together? We rounded 16 sports car enthusiasts, each armed with knowledge to out-rival each other, and had them put the cars to a test.

Engines revved, buttons pressed and pedals floored, each car did a burnout in the exhibition hall (of course we’re kidding about the flooring of pedals and the burnout). What we’re serious about though, is that each car was pushed to its (legal road) limits. Each driver inspected the exterior and interior of the vehicles, tested them out, and scribbled lines of honest feedback in their judges’ booklets.

As with everything in life, all good things must come to an end. After a day of hard work, the drivers were treated to rounds of Champagne at the Roger Dubuis boutique before they proceeded to Adrift restaurant at Marina Bay Sands hotel for dinner.

Here are some of the best moments captured.

While the forms have been submitted, and the results tabulated, you’d need to grab a copy of our November issue to find out which car earned the coveted title of Robb Report Singapore Car of the Year 2016.

Over and out.