David Trezeguet shares on his partnership with Hublot as the Maison reopens its Marina Bay Sands boutique

By Haziq Yusof 10 July, 2024

The legendary French striker was in town to reopen Hublot’s Marina Bay Sands boutique

“It worked,” says Trezeguet, recalling the Euro 2000 final. ” We were in a difficult moment in the match (France was down 0-1 against Italy), so the coach decided to bring me on and go on the offensive. It paid off.”

Boy, did it pay off. A little over 15 minutes after coming onto the field, Trezeguet nodded the ball into the path of his teammate Sylvain Wiltord who fired low into the net to bring scores level. Then, deep into extra time, Trezeguet received the ball in the penalty box, before firing in the winning goal to send the fans in the stadium, and millions of spectators around the world, into rapture.

David Trezeguet was the hero for France in the Euro 2000 final. Photo by Hublot

While there were no flailing of limbs this time (not that we know of, anyway), there was excitement in the air as Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe and Trezeguet, now a friend of Hublot, opened the doors to the Maison’s newly renovated boutique in Marina Bay Sands.

Hublot watches on display in the Marina Bay Sands Boutique
The refreshed Hublot boutique in Marina Bay Sands provides seamless access to their watches. Photo by Hublot

First opened in 2010, Hublot’s Marina Bay Sands now boasts a refurbished look, as well as an elevated retail experience. From private VIP lounge areas and stimulating artworks, to a new “Free Access” approach to displaying their watches, Hublot’s refreshed boutique promises a new and improved shopping experience for watch aficionados. Still, all eyes were on David Trezeguet, just as they were all those years ago.

the VIP lounge area in Hublot Marina Bay Sands boutique
The refreshed boutique has a private VIP lounge area. Photo by Hublot

David, you’ve been involved with Hublot since 2016, what first drew you into the world of luxury watches?

Hublot has been connected with football for a while—first with Juventus in 2015 and then with FIFA. So, it was a natural connection.

You’ve mentioned before you had to manage your time wisely as a kid because you often had to run from school to practice every day. Is good time management something you still practise today?

I like to be precise and organised. Even today, as it was during my career, I maintain this “hygiene of life” and continue to be organised.

You’ve visited Hublot’s home in Nyon before, could you elaborate on the experience?

It was a discovery for me—a discovery of how watches of such sophistication are made. There, I saw a high level of professionalism, charisma, and a desire to be the best. It was something totally new for me, and it kind of blew my mind to see the high level of sophistication there.

Hublot Manufacture in Nyon
The Hublot Manufacture in Nyon. Photo by Hublot

Throughout your years as an ambassador for Hublot, what similarities have you managed to discern between the world of watches and the world of football?

There is the idea of emotion—the emotion you have when you pursue and possess something of that level of sophistication.

Speaking of emotion, you’re known for your unbridled celebrations with fans whenever you scored. Is that emotive power something you look for in a timepiece?

Of course, there must be an emotional connection. For example, (David points to his watch strap) blue is a colour that’s part of my life, because of the French national team, and because of Argentina too. So yes, there is an emotional connection.

As someone so intertwined with both French and Argentinian culture, what does Hublot’s “Art of Fusion” mean to you?

Hublot is now worldwide. It’s present everywhere in France, and even in Argentina. What’s important to me is that Hublot helps to connect people of many different cultures with beauty.