The Diamond DA50-V Will Give You A Lift To Your Next Destination

Diamond DA50-V

Wings of Glory

Diamond Aircraft Industries pulled off a shocker this year at the Aero Friedrichshafen air show when it unveiled its new DA50-V light aircraft, which has an airframe rendered entirely in carbon composites. Available in three versions – a four-, five- and seven-seater– powered by a choice of two engines (diesel or turboprop), the DA50-V is touted as having class-leading interior space and payload capacity. Its performance is similarly impressive, with a 1,021 nautical mile (1,890km) range and a top speed of 173 knots. But perhaps of most import is its ability to sport fully customised exterior paint. The sky’s the limit, then, when it comes to what your DA50-V will look like. 

Diamond Aircraft