Coffeetable centrepiece: Dottling Tabletop Humidor

Dottling Tabletop Humidor

Smoke Alarm

German safe-maker Dottling is known for its ability to keep precious things well protected. Its flagship model is a massive monolith known as The Fortress, meant for storing gems and watches and, in a display of modularity, Dottling has launched a cigar humidor portion.

Like all Dottling safes, the amount of care and quality that goes into crafting the Dottling Tabletop Humidor (€12,000, S$18,000) is unparalleled.

With four removable trays, the humidor can store up to 50 cigars. The interior is made of solid Spanish cedar illuminated by LED lights, while the exterior is covered in calfskin that can be swapped or alternated with wood or high-gloss varnish.

Temperature and humidity is controlled through the famed Cigarspa technology, which allows performance to be monitored at all times via a hygrometer, barometer and thermometer.