Store Your Cigars A Safe Way With The Dottling Legends No. 124 Humidor

safe and sound

In 1878, a Belgian firm created a safe that, for its time, was state-of-the-art and practically impenetrable. The German company Dottling, known for building rock-solid watch safes, recently renovated that very antique Belgian safe, the Legends No. 124 Humidor.

The apparently walnut exterior is actually a steel cabinet that has been given hundreds of layers of hand-applied faux bois glaze. The metal fittings and interior lock works are plated in 24k gold, as are the four individual dial combination locks. The Legends No. 124 Humidor contains multiple cedar drawers for cigars as well as space for prized decanters. This could very well be one of the safest places on the planet to store the finest smokes.