DreameBot L10s Ultra: All hail your robocleaning overlord

The next level of house cleaning is here

Let’s face it, we are busy people trying to make money so that we can afford the luxury of modern living. And we have only so much bandwidth for the things that we want to and can do. So we farm them out—we have nannies for your spawns; dog walkers for that skittish pupper; food delivery services because walking to and fro from the nearest Koi is sooo pre-COVID… outsourcing became necessary to relieve an overflowing plate.

That’s where DreameBot L10s Ultra comes in. This little guy (with a sizeable charging base station, we’ll get to that in a moment) combines cutting-edge tech to revolutionise the way we clean our homes. Not only does it suck up dirt, but it also mops. Big deal, you say, other robovacuums have the same features.

Ah, but here’s where the L10s Ultra one-ups the rest of the competition: not only does its base station charge the robovacuum but it also empties the robot’s dust box and cleans and dries the mop pads. The latter is important because a damp mop can be a hotbed for odour, mildew and bacterial growth.

The DreameBot L10s Ultra getting the job done

The goal for AI is simply for it to simulate human intelligence (which calls to mind Descartes’ ‘I think therefore I am’ dictum thus opening a ‘are machines then self-aware?’ rabbit hole for us to tumble into but that calls for another post, thank you very much).

But the sweetener is what if AI can do the things before you even think of doing them? What if AI can preempt your needs? You see something similar in predictive texting and when the autocomplete kicks in whenever you do a Google search. The DreameBot L10s Ultra can do that. Well, sorta. Being independent helps free you to do other things. I mean, eventually, you’d still have to empty the dust bag and refill the water and cleaning solution but, for the most part, the L10s Ultra is an improvement over a generation of robovacuums. (Who knows, maybe in the near future, without your prompt, the DreameBot will clean as and when, whenever it senses a certain amount of dirt on the floor.)

Equipped with advanced mapping capabilities and obstacle avoidance tech, the L10s Ultra navigates your abode, leaving no spot untouched. Its 3D structured light and RGB camera work in harmony with its AI to map out your home’s layout. It still has issues ascertaining different floor levels; we have a balcony with a 1.5cm drop, which meant that once the device is done cleaning the balcony, it can’t return to base. But now you can fine-tune your robot’s cleaning routine by creating virtual walls and no-go zones on the DreameBot app.

The L10s Ultra has up to 5,300Pa of suction pressure and automatic suction adjustment. The brush it uses is bristle-less and made of rubber, which allows you to remove hair easily, without cutting them. In mop mode, the L10s Ultra’s downward pressure and 180rpm dual-rotary mops ensure a thorough and efficient cleaning.

Again, with the DreameBot app, you can tailor your cleaning experience by customising the suction level, mop dampness and cleaning plans. If you like your voice control conveniences, the L10s Ultra supports Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant integration.

This is elevated cleaning. Another checkbox you can tick off on your ever-growing to-do list. With all these features that the DreameBot L10s Ultra possesses, your home can be a sanctuary of cleanliness and relaxation. The future is here and it is clean.