Ozi Amanat

Ozi Amanat, partner at K2 Venture Capital

For Ozi Amanat, meritocracy and infinite possibilities were the draws to venture capital. “When a chance came to endeavour a life in venture capitalism, it wasn’t one road or the other but a culmination of experience of a thousand hours in the ecosystem,” says the psychology and economics graduate from Harvard. Finding promising startups that promise the greatest positive societal impact is no easy feat, and something not everyone with capital can do.

The venture capitalist is quick to remind that while he is his own boss, he is also very much accountable to his clients.

“Venture is as much art as it is science,” professes the tech enthusiast and self-proclaimed geek. “Technology is all encompassing and embodies the way we live, we work, we play and even the way we eat. A passion for life is the goal, the career is happenstance.” A day in this life sees him in constant meetings and helping founders and other venture capitalists, while at the same time reading, writing and embracing the creative flow.

It’s a high-risk job, but one that pays off. One of the biggest risks of his career was investing all his liquidity into Uber and Spotify. Understandably, Amanat doesn’t have any regrets. “Any different decision would have made me a different person,” he reflects. “In life, the setbacks are opportunities to become something better.”

What’s next? An Asia growth capital for local and regional startups. “Hopefully I am just scratching the surface of something meaningful,” he shares.

Ozi Amanat