Philippe A. May Managing Director, Arton Capital

Philippe A. May, managing director of Arton Capital

Although Philippe A. May’s field of work deals with investments in second residency and citizenship around the world, it doesn’t mean that passports are up for sale. “This is not the case,” he explains. “Certain countries do offer citizenships for investors, but they still maintain various conditions, and only one of them is a financial investment.”

May’s the Managing Director of Arton Capital, a global financial advisory firm specialising in investor programs for residence and citizenship around the world. After starting out as a banker with Credit Suisse in Zurich, Switzerland, he moved on to become a residency and citizenship consultant just as high net worth families became increasingly mobile and migratory.

He’s in many ways, a global citizen. Arton Capital curates the Global Citizen Forum, which brings together visionaries and global leaders to exchange, build awareness, educate and promote global citizenship. The firm is also the founding member of the Global Investor Immigration Council, whose mission is to establish best practices and foster sustainable and responsible industry governance.

“Personal freedom and mobility are matters close to my heart,” shares May. It’s no wonder he’s incorporated just that into his career, offering investor migrants a better lifestyle and an enhanced personal liberty.

Philippe A. May Managing Director, Arton Capital