How to Impress Your Mother-in-Law, Crazy Rich Asians Style

Crazy Rich Asians movie poster

From a Watch that Sings to a Spectacular US$2 million Dinner, Here are five Ways to Dazzle Your Mother-in-Law

As you might imagine, we here at Robb Report Singapore are quite excited about the upcoming release of Crazy Rich Asians. Judging by the trailer, the film’s endless parade of fine suits, fast cars and swanky yachts, bougie partiesand first-class travel seems, well, entirely up our alley.

Despite some backlash over the casting – the biggest gripe being that there are no Singaporeans in lead roles even though the narrative has a distinctly Singaporean setting – we are looking forward to Michelle Yeoh’s portrayal of Eleanor Young. In Crazy Rich Asians, the former Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon star does little to conceal her Tiger Mum instincts, making her a formidable character to contend with. Particularly if one intends to get into her good books.

Which made us wonder, what if we happened to be in Rachel Chu’s – Young’s future daughter-in-law’s – shoes? With Mother’s Day coming up, what could we possibly gift our (Tiger) Mother-in-Law (MIL) to make us more endearing? These are some things that might win her over.

Jaquet Droz Tropical Bird Repeater
Jaquet Droz Tropical Bird Repeater

Give Her The, Er, Gift Of Time With The Jaquet Droz Tropical Bird Repeater Watch

A crazy rich watch is pretty much like a crazy rich anything else: exclusive, extraordinary and of course, expensive. Jaquet Droz checks all the right boxes as this Tropical Bird Repeater is made only on request – only the best for the crazy rich MIL. Priced at $700,000 a pop, this gorgeous timepiece is covered with lush tropical greenery complete with fauna of the region represented by singing automata. For Young, whose sprawling mansion is surrounded by the beautiful Botanic Gardens, this is a watch that will always remind her of home.

Resonances de Cartier Tutti Frutti Necklace
If it’s fit for a queen, it’ll definitely be fit for your MIL

Bedazzle Her With Cartier’s Resonances de Cartier Tutti Frutti Necklace

Young looks like the kind of person who’s so tough to please it’s not even funny. But we bet the majestic feline in her would certainly say yes to Cartier’s magnificent jewels, and not just for the panther collections. Young’s style is a perfect blend of tradition and timelessness, always flattering, yet it’s clear she’s not one to shy away from colour. When it comes to jewels, only heirloom pieces or one-of-a-kind high jewellery would do. This Cartier High Jewellery necklace from the Resonances de Cartier collection features hand-engraved precious stones arranged in a beautiful latticework of colour that’s a nod to the historical Cartier Tutti Frutti collection.

most expensive cheesecake
Have your cake and eat it too

Treat Her To The World’s Most Expensive Cheesecake… In New York

Being no stranger to the finest things in life, Young would appreciate the indulgent offering that is the world’s most expensive cheesecake – as certified by the Guinness Book of Records. Created by Chef Raffaele Ronca of Ristorante Rafele in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village, this cheesecake costs a remarkable US$5,000 (S$6,680). How does Chef Ronca justify such a sky-high price? Well, by using ricotta cheese from water buffalo in South Italy, flown in fresh. Add to that white truffle from Alba, a generous helping of Hennessy Paradis cognac (which is only, oh, about 200 years old), Madagascan vanilla and 24k gold leaf. The entire cake takes five days to prepare because of the air-flown ingredients. When ready, the confection is covered in more gold leaf and fresh honeycomb, topped with sparklers.

Emirates First Class Suites
A suite way to travel, indeed

Pamper Her With A Seat In Emirates’ New First Class Suites

Presumably, Young prefers flying private, but if that option isn’t available, she’ll gladly settle for First Class in a reputable commercial airline such as Emirates. Starting this month, the carrier is unveiling its new, fully enclosed First Class Private Suites onboard its Boeing 777-300ER aircraft – which flies to JFK, by the way, so she can have her (cheese)cake and eat it too. In each Suite, there are floor-to-ceiling sliding doors, high-tech control panels, soft leather seating, and mood lighting, and ’virtual windows’ that project the view from outside the aircraft using real-time, fibre-optic camera technology. A personal video-call service allows for easy communication with cabin crew. And when it comes time for Young to turn in, the soft leather seat effortlessly reclines into a fully flat bed or a ‘zero-gravity’ position. Inspired by NASA technology, it gives a feeling of weightlessness and total relaxation.

Ce La Vi
Not to worry, these tables will be cleared to make room just for the dinner

Give Her The Dining Experience Of A Lifetime – One That Costs A Cool US$2 Million

If you, like Chu, discover that Daddy is a China-born billionaire, and money is no object, then invite Young along for the world’s most expensive dinner. The eight-hour retreat for two, orchestrated by the World of Diamonds Group, consists of a 45-minute helicopter ride over Singapore, a chauffeured drive in a Rolls-Royce and a luxury private cruise, leading up to an 18-course dinner at Ce La Vi in Marina Bay Sands. The degustation menu will be paired with 44- and 45-year old vintage wines, culminating in the presentation of the Jane Seymour 2.08-carat Fancy Vivid Blue diamond ring while sipping Louis XIII cognac. In case you’re feeling guilty for spending Daddy’s moolah, know that a quarter – or US$500,000 – of the price will go towards a Danish humanitarian organisation in support of orphans in Nigeria, according to a report by Hong Kong luxury publication Gafencu.