Huber’s Butchery reveals a sleek new look and enhanced experiences

By Low Weixian 1 June, 2024
huber's butchery

After 17 years of mastering the art and science of butchery, Huber’s Butchery ups its game with major refurbishments and new initiatives

Nestled on the foot of Dempsey Hill, the recently refurbished Huber’s Butchery sits amid lush green foliage. As unassuming and typical of the Dempsey aesthetic this space may seem, a multitude of surprising experiences and activities await.

Designed to look like a contemporary farmhouse, this sprawling 1,300 sqm space is a stark evolution from its beginnings as a nondescript meat counter within Fairprice Finest 17 years ago. Today, a trip to Huber’s Butchery isn’t just about shopping for fine cuts of meat.

huber's butchery
Meat concierge services offered by professional butchers are available. Photo by Huber’s Butchery

Whether you’re dining solo or with young children in tow, Huber’s Bistro offers fitting classic dishes masterfully created with fresh ingredients from its butchery and herb garden. Diners can opt to savour the food on the bistro’s premises or dine al fresco in the garden. Adults can relish in their meals for longer while the young ones busy themselves with the updated playground; adventurous little ones can even give the flying fox zip-line a whirl, or challenge themselves at the Alps-themed bouldering wall.

Stepping into the tastefully refurbished Huber’s Butchery itself is a whole other experience. The butchery farmhouse-inspired interiors are inviting and open concept stations entice shoppers peruse their choice cuts in comfort.

Of the extensive range of products stocked by Huber’s, what’s worth a special mention is the array of over 200 artisanal cheeses on sale at the upper level. On the ground level, the central butchery that canvasses a good part of the floor space offers services such as custom dry-ageing of meats. One can also expect to find rare meats such as Mangalica pork, plant-based meat options, and even cultivated meat.

huber's butchery
Being managed by skilled specialists means that Huber’s Butchery is able to offer shoppes customised services, requests for no salt, herbs and spices in specially prepared sausages. Photo by Gastro Sense

Among the world’s first butcheries to sell and serve cell-cultured meat, following a recent partnership with Eat Just, Inc., its retail shelves were stocked with Good Meat’s cell-cultured chicken meat. For those who are unfamiliar, cell-cultivated meat is lab-grown sustainably from animal cells.

Huber's butchery
24-hour temperature-controlled self-collection lockers allow for seamless physical pickups of online orders; while a vending machine provides quick, fuss-free purchase of grocery items spanning charcuterie, daily necessities, and beverages.

True to its unwavering commitment towards consumer needs and experience, Huber’s also unveiled an innovative first-of-its-kind service: temperature-controlled self-collection lockers operating 24 hours a day, providing shoppers the option to pick up their orders at their convenience.

huber's butchery
With the art of butchery at the core of the business, one would find a team of experienced, long serving butchers, some with a background as chefs. Photo by Gastro Sense

Whether you have a craving for the bristo’s hearty menu, curious about cell-cultivated produce, or simply desire fail-safe, quality meats from a trusted establishment, pen in a trip to Huber’s Butchery and prepare to have your appetite whetted.

Huber’s Butchery