Hublot drops a futuristic pocket watch with artist Daniel Arsham

The Arsham Droplet is a perfect collectible for modern dandies

The pocket watch makes a rare reemergence with help from Hublot and contemporary artist Daniel Arsham—and don’t anyone dare call it “retro”.

A vital timekeeping instrument back in the 14th to early 20th century, the pocket watch has all but turned extinct since the arrival of its wrist-bound brethren. But for hardcore watch buffs, these vintage timekeepers are known to hold more than a few secrets—both historical and mechanical—that continue to inform watch appreciation.

The Arsham Droplet exemplifies both Hublot and Daniel Arsham’s dedication to creating transformative art that challenge the status quo. Photo by Hublot

Famed for pushing boundaries in their respective fields, Hublot and Arsham, have taken this spirit to heart. Think you’d never see a teardrop-shaped watch in this lifetime? Well, the 99-piece edition Arsham Droplet, which sees Hublot and Arsham going all-out with their takes on modern watchmaking, will satiate your curiosity.

The organic shape, designed by Arsham, is encased in lightweight but tough titanium with teardrop-drop shaped crystals. Bolstered by turquoise-hued rubber bumpers for added protection, the watch is double-sealed with 17 O-rings for ultimate water resistance and robustness.

Caseback featuring the artist’s monogram. Photo by Hublot

Meanwhile, the timekeeping component, sandwiched between the crystal cases, is driven by Hublot’s famed Meca-10 manufacture movement, which boasts 10-day power reserve.

Here, the hands and markers sport the same turquoise tone (officially ‘Arsham Green’), while the rest of the pocket watch are accentuated by trademark Hublot features such as H-shaped screws, and proprietary one-click system that lets the owner effortlessly attach it to a titanium chain.

If you think it’s too much to wear the watch like how the gentlemen of yesteryear did, you can simply choose to display it as a table clock on its titanium and mineral glass table stand. Whatever you do, just know that the Arsham Droplet is not designed to be kept hidden in a pocket.