Lanserring, luxury interior designer, helps you tailor your kitchen like the perfect suit


Lanserring is creating customised six-figure kitchens that are the perfectionist’s dream

British design firm Lanserring is an obsessive’s dream, crafting every hinge, drawer, counter and cabinet from scratch. For anyone other than the Type A perfectionist, such detail might seem unnecessary, but if you take a look at what brothers Bernd and Johann Radaschitz are doing in their Notting Hill studio, you’ll no doubt become a convert.

The design-led company strives to give different people what they want. For one exacting gastronome with an extensive collection of olive oils, the siblings designed a sustainable walnut drawer that fit each vessel like a glove. For a California couple, they crafted a hydroponic booth and an “infinity-edge sink.” And then there was the seafood-loving oenophile, who requested a trough running the length of his marble island, which he kept filled with ice – all the better to cool his Krug and sushi at a moment’s notice.

Even for the less, shall we say, enthusiastic among us, it’s hard to deny the pleasure of infinite customisation in the kitchen. Knife drawers routed by computer to perfectly nest your Togiharus, nanotech marble countertops that are practically impervious to acid and scratching, and solid-brass hinges customised in the Radaschitzes’ Austrian workshop promise to turn even the casual connoisseur into a gourmet geek. So much so that you might not even bat an eye at the cost.

With custom drawers starting at around $2,706 each, a full design can easily work its way into the high six figures. But for anyone who’s accustomed to the pleasures of a well-tailored suit, that price will probably sound just about right.