Louis Vuitton launches high jewellery collection: Awakened Hands, Awakened Minds

Francesca Amfitheatrof’s sixth High Jewellery Collection for Louis Vuitton–Awakened Hands, Awakened Minds–was unveiled at the Château Saint-Maur in Saint-Tropez

With this collection, Louis Vuitton once again pushes the limits of haute joaillerie; this ambitious collection, featuring an unprecedented 220 pieces across 13 themes, sets a new benchmark in high jewellery.

An ode to the master artisans and inventors who propelled France into a golden age of creativity and refinement, Awakened Hands, Awakened Minds pays homage to the transformative period when the nation’s savoir-faire flourished and craftsmanship reached new heights.

“France in the 19th century was a phenomenal time of incredible change, and when Paris really became the centre of the world,” says Francesca Amfitheatrof, artistic director for watches and jewellery. “The design language of Awakened Hands, Awakened Minds reflects that – all its intricacies, complications and innovations – turned into incredible jewels.”

Guests, Phoebe Dynevor, Jin Chen, Urassaya Sperbund, and Young-ae Lee amongst others, at the presentation. Photo by Louis Vuitton

Here, luxury becomes synonymous with innovation, a spirit and ambition that is magnified by the collection’s singular and daring design vision–recalling the parallel journey of Louis Vuitton’s own magnificent beginnings.

Spendeur Earrings. Photo by Nathaniel Goldberg for Louis Vuitton

“Like a hand that belongs to the past, Awakened Hands evokes the rich embellishment and intricate ornamentation that once adorned France’s royal court and palaces,” continues Amfitheatrof.

Among the highlights is “Splendeur,” inspired by the ornate craftsmanship of imperial furniture. This theme showcases a suite of over 110 meticulously matched rubies, centred around the iconic LV Monogram Flower. A high collar transformable necklace, set with 52 rubies and framed by intricately carved gold flowers, stands as a masterpiece of complexity and artistry; it requires the workmanship of 17 setters and 30 jewellers, while more than 2,400 elements were individually mounted, for a total of 3,217 hours of work.

Notably, these rubies, sourced from Mozambique, are fully traceable via blockchain technology, marking a first in coloured gemstone transparency for the Maison.

Apotheosis: Cœur de Paris. Photo by Nathaniel Goldberg for Louis Vuitton

Another standout is the Apotheosis: Cœur de Paris, the most expensive piece ever in a high-jewellery collection. Inspired by the unveiling of the Eiffel Tower in 1889, the centrepiece, a 56.23ct diamond with an intense pink hue, embodies the ingenuity and grandeur of the era. This statement piece, along with a matching 12.67ct fancy deep orangy-pink diamond ring, represents the pinnacle of Louis Vuitton’s craftsmanship and vision.

For those whose tastes extend beyond these highlights, the collection offers an array of themes including Séduction, Phenomenal, Elegance, Awakened Minds, Perception, Frequence, Gravité, Optimisme, Vision, and Victoire. Additionally, two more themes, comprising 115 pieces altogether, await their grand reveal.

Louis Vuitton