Build a bespoke electric guitar at Swee Lee’s flagship outlet at The Star Vista in Singapore

S$ 10,000.00

Swee Lee

Swee Lee draws design inspiration from models owned by the world’s best guitarists

If there’s one way to win a guitar enthusiast’s heart, it’s by presenting him or her with a fully customised electric guitar. But if you’re unsure about where to find such a prize, then have a chat with the affable folks at Swee Lee, one of Asia’s leading online retailers and distributors of musical instruments and pro-audio brands.

The journey of formulating your dream guitar begins with Swee Lee’s ‘By Appointment Only’ service at its flagship store at The Star Vista. Under the expertise of in-house client consultant Aryadni Balfaghi, you’ll first be asked to share the overall look, feel and sound of the guitar you’re after.

No detail is too small for Balfaghi – she will acquaint you with an extensive list of customisation options, including colour, choice of wood, shape, inlay, pick-ups, patterns, fret spacing and even the type of nuts and bolts that can help differentiate your guitar from the masses. Once you’ve picked a guitar from Swee Lee’s selection of brand partners such as Fender, Gibson, Taylor and Collings, Balfaghi and a team of specialist custom guitar builders will start adding all the bells and whistles to the model that you’ve chosen.

Fancy a guitar that sounds like your favourite celebrity’s? Swee Lee will be able to build a model that bears a similar sound, yet still have it highly tailored to your needs so that your guitar becomes truly a special one. Additionally, as an authorised dealer for guitar brands such as Gibson, Fender, Taylor and numerous others, Swee Lee gets priority access to limited-edition guitars that come really close to those owned by musical greats. Prominent musicians Swee Lee takes inspiration from include the likes of BB King, Eric Clapton, John Lennon, Slash, David Bowie, Brian May, Jack White and Bob Dylan amongst numerous others.

Each customised guitar takes between six months and two years to complete, depending on the level of intricacy required. However, we’re sure that the final finished product will be an absolute marvel to behold – even if it means a two-year wait.


  • A private consultation with Swee Lee’s By Appointment Only custom guitar service
  • A guitar from an internationally renowned brand, such as Fender, Gibson, Taylor or Collings, built to your specifications


Gifts must be purchased by 1 March 2019 and ordered by 1 July 2019 from Swee Lee’s By Appointment Only service at +65 8481 8000, or [email protected].  

Build a bespoke electric guitar at Swee Lee’s flagship outlet at The Star Vista in Singapore

S$ 10,000.00

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