The refurbished Patek Philippe Marina Bay Sands boutique is bigger and better

A must-visit for Patek Philippe enthusiasts

The first thing that strikes you as you enter the newly reopened Patek Philippe boutique at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands is its sheer size. Was it this huge before? The obvious answer to that would be ‘no’—and what a big difference it makes.

The opulent main retail space of the refurbished boutique. Photo by Patek Philippe

Occupying the same spot as it did, but now having also taken over the adjoining retail space, the boutique now sits on 262 sqm of prime retail real estate. Despite its expanded confines, the boutique is designed in a manner that feels exclusive, intimate and welcoming all at once—a sensibility that Patek Philippe aficionados will no doubt appreciate.

Triptych visuals from Patek Philippe’s limited edition Singapore dome clock depicting scene’s of Singapore’s skyline. Photo by Patek Philippe

The flagship store is opened with Cortina Watch, one of Singapore’s leading luxury watch retailers and among Patek Philippe’s most enduring partners in the region. Paying homage to the partnership, the boutique’s interiors are decorated with triptych visuals. Each depicts scenes of the country’s most iconic landmarks, based on the three super-rare Patek Philippe Singapore edition dome clocks owned by Cortina Watch: the Ref. 1677M ‘Esplanade’, Ref. 20145M-001 ‘Singapore Skyline’, and Ref. 20094M ‘Bay of Singapore’.

Awash in beige and dark wood, the boutique’s obvious draw is undoubtedly the selection of Patek Philippe watches that adorn the straw marquetry walls and vitrines. You’d still have to be patient to land the more elusive models, for sure, but it is a great place to discover the watches first-hand, cocooned in the luxurious milieu.

The VIP area with bar counter is located at the far end of the boutique. Photo by Patek Philippe

To discover the watches with ultimate discretion, however, ask to be served at the VIP room at the far end of the boutique. There, guests can really get comfortable, or indulge in a dram or two, perhaps, by its well-stocked bar, as they pore over potential purchases. Not a bad way to make a decision over your next Patek Philippe at all.

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