Robb Report Singapore Thought Leader: Giselle Makarachvili, CEO of Hmlet

“Risks are opportunities for success and making a difference,” says Giselle Makarachvili, CEO of Hmlet and member of the Robb Report Singapore Thought Leaders community

From humble beginnings in Peru, to Israel, Barcelona, Budapest, Geneva, Kazakhstan and now Singapore – Giselle Makarachvili has led a nomadic life thus far to say the least, but it looks like she might be finally settling down, for now. If it wasn’t apparent from her copious pilgrimages, Makarachvili is a risk-taker.

“You can only win if you take risks. Risks are opportunities for success and making a difference.” Having had 12 years of industry experience in hospitality, Makarachvili moved to Asia with her husband, undertaking a lesser role, but understanding the huge opportunities that may come with growing in this continent. The risk eventually paid off when she switched careers to join Hmlet, a co-living operator where homeowners get to rent their homes directly to tenants, cutting out the need for agents. Today, she is the CEO of the company, but not by coincidence. “Having professional experience across five different countries was always a goal I had for myself,” she recalls. “I felt that I had to travel and learn about different cultural backgrounds and roles before I could become a leader.”

Makarachvili is extremely team-driven in the office; she believes that employees are the biggest key to the company’s success. As someone who climbed the corporate ladder herself, she adds: “I’m motivated by seeing team members grow and develop successful career paths like I had the chance to do for myself.”

Outside the office, Makarachvili’s nomadic tendencies have yet to decline. Her love for discovering new places, cultures and people has only trickled down to her son. “I’ve learnt so much in this life from travelling,” she says. “Taking my son with me to see the world, to open his eyes to the beauty of life around us as well as to the challenges around it is something I enjoy.”

As an empathetic person, Makarachvili wants her legacy to extend beyond her professional achievements. She wishes to be remembered as an inspiring mother, friend and leader. As she would describe: “Someone who was honest and genuine, who put people first and lent a helping hand.”

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