Robb Report Singapore Thought Leader: Richard Hemming, Master of Wine and Head of Wine (Asia) of 67 Pall Mall

Meet Richard Hemming, a master of wine and member of the Robb Report Singapore Thought Leaders community

When asked what his greatest fear is, it comes as no surprise that Richard Hemming, resident master of wine at 67 Pall Mall, answers unabashedly: “Being stuck in a cellar without a corkscrew.”

Hemming is one of less than 500 masters of wine worldwide – a title (now considered his top professional achievement) he had made significant sacrifices to claim. After a couple of failed exams and six years of studying, Hemming was certified in 2015. He then joined 67 Pall Mall Singapore in 2019 to lead the exclusive club for wine lovers as head of wine for Asia.

“I now realise that those extra years of study were some of the most valuable in terms of developing my experience in the wine world, also teaching me resilience and determination. Not to mention, plenty more wine to taste along the way,” Hemming muses.

Having been published by, Financial Times, Decanter and Harpers Wine & Spirit among others, Hemming reveals that his next venture is to publish a book.

“Wine transmits a time and place in liquid form. There’s no other product quite like it.”

What is one common misconception about the wine industry that you’d change if you could?

A common misconception is that the best wine is the most expensive wine. Not so. In future, unfortunately, the most sought-after wine will only get more expensive. But as quality improves worldwide, there will always be new bottles to discover. That will continue to be the case, but achieving that growth in a sustainable way will be vital.

What’s the one thing about you that will surprise most people?

I won a BBC New Talent Award in 2006 for a comedy sketch. Thankfully, absolutely no evidence of this exists online anymore.

How would you like to be remembered once you leave Earth?

Fondly, and with a glass raised aloft.

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