TAG Heuer and Kith revive the iconic Formula 1 watches

The 10 new models combine a retro aesthetic with modern materials and innovations

Ronnie Fieg may have just made every horophile of the ‘80s dreams come true. The 42-year-old founder of Kith has teamed up with TAG Heuer to revive the Swiss watchmaker’s original Formula 1 watch.

Released in 1986, the Formula 1 Series 1 was the first timepiece to bear the TAG Heuer name rather than the Heuer moniker that had been used since the late 1800s. A true trailblazer, the composite quartz watch showcased a bright colorway and a bold design that made it an instant hit among collectors, Fieg included.

“The TAG Heuer Formula 1 Series 1 in red and black was my very first watch, the timepiece that helped me express the unique style that’s now manifested itself in Kith,” Fieg said in a statement.

The "Hawaii" edition
The “Hawaii” edition. Photo by TAG Heuer

More than 3 million pieces from the Formula 1 collection were produced before the line was discontinued in 2000. The range was reintroduced a few years later and remains a key part of the TAG Heuer family. Still, many nostalgic enthusiasts have been calling for TAG Heuer to reissue the Series 1. The watchmaker has finally answered that call.

The Formula 1 | Kith combines a retro aesthetic with modern materials and innovations. The newcomer remains faithful to its ‘80s predecessor, with a form hour hand, a triangle with a dot inside at 12 o’clock, indices that alternate every quarter between shields and dots, and a contrasting minuterie. TAG Heuer even tracked down the original supplier of the case and the mold used to make the watch 40 years ago to ensure the silhouette remained faithful.

Caseback of the watch
The caseback. Photo by TAG Heuer

The Kith riff has a few elegant upgrades, too. The initial Formula 1s were available only in 28 mm and 34 mm sizes, but the contemporary iteration sports a 35 mm case. It is also topped with sapphire instead of the original plastic crystal. In addition, the watch is available in several striking color combinations designed to appeal to modern collectors.

The 10 new models showcase different hues and either a stainless steel or rubber bracelet. The pieces also feature a co-branded insignia on the dial, rubber strap, and caseback. This is the first time TAG Heuer has combined its logo with a collaborator. In addition, the dial is inscribed with Kith’s motto “Just Us.”

Limited to 75, this 10-piece box costs US$18,000. Photo by TAG Heuer

Seven watches are exclusive to Kith and are limited to 250 pieces. The label also has two exclusives limited to 350 pieces each, while TAG Heuer has a pair of exclusives limited to 825. In addition, the model shared between the two brands is limited to 1,350 pieces. All cost just US$1,500 a pop. You can also pick up a box with all 10 pieces for US$18,000 if you’re a die-hard Series 1 fan.

TAG Heuer

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