Sexy is as sexy gets: The Ulysse Nardin Hourstriker Pin-Up

Hourstriker Pin-Up Ulysse Nardin

Sexy Time

Burlesque dancing and Swiss watchmaking cannot be further apart and yet Ulysse Nardin has managed to find a way to bring those two worlds together – in a watch of course. The Hourstriker Pin-Up is the latest addition in Ulysse Nardin’s growing collection of timepieces that animate the passage of each hour using a combination of chimes and jaquemarts or automata.

Hourstriker Pin-Up Ulysse Nardin
Watch out when the minute marker strikes 12

This piece comes decorated with a miniature burlesque dancer wearing nothing but high heels, peacock feathers and a come-hither look on her face. Hand-painted with acrylic colours, the scene is remarkably three-dimensional, and every time the minute hand passes 12, the dancer’s dress flutters in all the wrong (or right) places, making this watch not the kind you’d choose to wear in polite company – or when your straitlaced in-laws are on their way over.

Ulysse Nardin