Dig in with 24k gold-infused olive oil

All that glitters

Homer, of ancient Greece, called it ‘liquid gold’. In use since ancient times and now mainly associated with cooking in the modern era, the imagery still holds true: olive oil is an elixir of golden hues that magicks cuisine from ingredients. With Myst Ultra Premium Food’s Myst Gold olive oil, the golden elixir now becomes actual gold, infused with edible 24k gold flakes.

Myst Gold is the company’s first product, 500ml of high quality extra virgin olive oil harvested from the olive groves surrounding Mount Olympus in Greece. Obtained through first cold extraction at low temperatures, the resulting olive oil is then flecked with edible 24k gold flakes to elevate it. With aromas of herbs, citrus fruit and floral hints, Myst Gold is a shining example of liquid gold. For those that don’t prefer the radiance, a gold-less version is available – Myst Pure.

Myst Gold is priced at US$70 (S$96) per bottle, and shipments will begin December 2016.

Myst Gold