The essence of opulence: AMAFFI elevates olfactory art with emotive fragrances

AMAFFI elevates olfactory art with exclusive and emotive fragrances that embody luxury, history and extravagance

There’s luxury fragrance, and there’s AMAFFI. A niche perfumery that is known to push the envelope on olfactory excellence, the decade-old brand doesn’t just make scents; it invites you on a journey where each fragrance paves the way to opulence and sophistication. With a commitment to craftsmanship and an unwavering dedication to sourcing the finest, naturally derived ingredients from across the globe, AMAFFI believes in creating sensory adventures like no other. Crafted in collaboration with esteemed international perfumers, each scent is distinctive and elusive—conceived and developed over long periods that can sometimes stretch beyond years. Here, the adage “Good things take time” finds its truest resonance.

Richness Man. Photo by AMAFFI

The great revival

At AMAFFI, a great scent is first distinguished by the quality of its ingredients. “Wrong timing of flower collection, the violation of technological processes and the use of cheap raw materials affect the chemical composition of the essential oil,” explains the brand. Thus, cooperating with trusted suppliers of materials is of paramount importance. Its superb formulation also ensues from its unique partnership with renowned perfumers from France, the UK and the US. AMAFFI grants these artisans unrestricted freedom to fashion the character, mood and personality of each olfactory masterpiece, likening their role to that of a chief conductor directing an orchestra. “The perfumers are not limited in the choice of ingredients and time to create them. The focus of AMAFFI’s perfumes are artisanship and quality,” mentions the brand.

“With AMAFFI, I have pretty extraordinary freedom and it’s truly fantastic at the end of the day. To be able to take a step back and not to rush is an incredible luck that few perfumers can have,” French perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour professes. Sharing these sentiments is French perfumer Nathalie Feisthauer. She is one of the Maison’s most significant noses, having created nearly half of AMAFFI’s olfactory library including Ovation. Feisthauer also highlights the brand’s exceptional creative processes, mentioning that she has to think outside the box when crafting these opuses for the Maison.

Tropical Rain, a cheerful and fresh fragrance for men, blends the milky green scent of fig leaves and fruits with the sparkling rain. Photo by AMAFFI

However, within this realm of creative liberty, AMAFFI remains resolute in employing solely natural ingredients—a steadfast rule setting it apart in the industry. Eschewing synthetic formulations and artificial colour pigments, each AMAFFI fragrance weaves a symphony of the finest and most exotic natural ingredients approved by IFRA (International Fragrance Association). Among these revered elements are the precious rose centfeuille from Grasse, France, as well as jasmine, iris, narcissus, magnolia, sandalwood, ambergris, oud and orchids—all of which are painstakingly harvested, distilled and extracted.

Notably, AMAFFI’s unparalleled sillage (French for ‘wake’, to connote a lasting, lingering essence) is a testament to its exclusive reliance on alcohol. This deliberate choice retains, rather than tampers with, the delicate alchemy of each fragrance, ensuring an extraordinary olfactory experience steeped in authenticity and refinement. With a high perfume concentration of 22 per cent and precise proportions of pure essential oil and spirit, each scent guarantees longevity and a sillage that endures for days.

Every scent is carefully curated and truly bespoke; one fragrance can take one to two years to create.

The vessels that house the precious concoctions are just as artful and meticulously crafted. Each bottle reflects the essence of the fragrance it holds. Sparing no expense, AMAFFI fashions elaborate flacons, transforming them into exquisite objets d’art. Conceived by the AMAFFI design bureau and made in Germany and France, these artisanal bottles are hewn from crystal and high-quality glass, and adorned with natural gold and silver plating. Each bottle stands as a stunning mini sculpture, handcrafted and embellished, and every bit as exquisite as the scent it holds.

Arcanum is a seductive women’s fragrance with wood and floral accords. Photo by AMAFFI

For instance, Power for women comes in metallic orbs finished in polished onyx enamel and embellished with gold filigree ribbons inlaid generously with Swarovski crystals. Inside the orb is a matte glass perfume bottle decorated with an embossed fleur-de-lis motif. The box is equally lavish, boasting a black piano-lacquered facade embossed with an AMAFFI logo and red English velvet lining. A personification of the fragrance itself, the overall facade is a prelude to what’s contained within the bottle. With every spritz, a similar opulence comes through: a rich voluptuous formula based on a blend of luxurious accords of amber, powerful oud, warm sandalwood notes and enchanting musk.

Morpheus is a men’s fragrance that pays tribute to nature. Photo by AMAFFI

As for the men’s collection, an example such as Morpheus embodies its moniker, featuring the image of the god on the handmade medallion and god-like qualities such as woody and earthy vetiver notes that serve as a vivid expression of nature’s multifaceted persona. Of course, crystals aren’t forgotten here. The cap of the bottle is crowned with three hand-polished crystals that catch the light at every angle.

Royal Flush Club. Photo by AMAFFI

Moreover, a touch of luxury takes on a playful note in the casino-inspired series. This collection houses an opus within bottles reminiscent of a deck of cards, chips, dice and a roulette wheel, adding a unique and whimsical dimension to the AMAFFI line-up. Our top pick, the Royal Flush Club, is covered with genuine leather embossed with the shape of five cards in a royal club flush. The cap of the bottle is, needless to say, decorated with a bespoke, black crystal. The wooden black lacquer box is as luxurious, featuring gold ornaments and a medallion in the form of a gambling chip. The inside of the box nods at the concept of the series, akin to a gambling table. While the packaging is ever-so-alluring, its fragrance steals the spotlight. The sensuous woody and oud fragrance with an incredibly long-lasting sillage, boasts a versatile and noble scent, while the addition of guaiac wood oil adds piquancy.

House of AMAFFI

Follow the scent of unparalleled regality and you will be led to AMAFFI’s boutiques in Knightsbridge, London; Billionaire’s Row in New York City; and Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. As you’d expect, these prestigious addresses offer a gateway to unbridled opulence—a realm bathed in gold and adorned with lavish crystal chandeliers, evoking the splendour of Europe’s grand palaces.

Expect gilded glamour by way of custom-built, gold-plated crystal chandeliers set amid a starry-lit ceiling, accentuated by carefully safeguarded glass vitrines spotlighting its signature fragrances at AMAFFI’s Marina Bay Sands boutique. Photo by AMAFFI

But lest you get distracted, the brand’s spectacular fragrances, judiciously lined up behind extravagant glass vitrines like works of art in a museum, remind you of your mission. Housed within each boutique is a private viewing chamber that offers an immersive AMAFFI experience for the most discerning patrons as they ruminate over the scent of their desires.

“If class is the symphony, we are the conductors,” proclaims the brand in its manifesto. “We are the revealers of new masterpieces. We remind the world that fashion is a responsibility and accessible luxury is just a big nonsense.” If you can imagine a scent for such uncompromising luxury, we are sure you will find it at AMAFFI.


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