The Henry Jacques Collection de l’Atelier sees three rose-inspired scents

Henry Jacques’ Collection de l’Atelier marks a new dawn in artisan perfumery

In Southern France, a revolution in perfumery is taking place, with Henry Jacques at the helm. The iconic perfumer, celebrated for almost half a century of olfactory mastery, unveils its latest marvel: the Collection de l’Atelier. This limited edition release is not merely a trio of fragrances but an expression of creativity and nature’s unpredictability, captured in 500 exclusive hand-crafted chests.

The origin of this collection is as romantic as it is extraordinary. It began with a chance encounter with a rose—the Rose de Mai—unlike any other, a bloom so potent and yet so delicate that it inspired the artisans at Henry Jacques to cultivate their very own roses. Thus, the first harvest in 2023 yielded an essence so profound that it could only be described as discovering a new colour in the palette of perfumery.

Collection de l’Atelier. Photo by Henry Jacques

Each of the three scents in the collection—Rose Soleil, Rose Très Rose, and Rose Azur—represents a distinct narrative, an ode to the versatility and depth of the Rose de Mai. Rose Soleil encapsulates warmth and spice, with undercurrents of clove, sandalwood, and ylang-ylang, evoking the joyous abandon of youth. Rose Très Rose offers a more evocative and comforting scent, embodying the essence of home with its pure and reassuring notes. Rose Azur, meanwhile, is a composition of charismatic surprises, blending dry woody notes with zests, revealing the complexity and allure of the rose.

Priced at SGD 14,220, this collection is a fleeting masterpiece, never to be recreated, akin to the numbered lithographies of a grand artist. It’s a poignant reminder of the transient beauty of nature and the genius it can inspire. Each year promises a new edition, dependent on the whims of nature and the inspiration it provides to Henry Jacques’ perfumers.

Henry Jacques