Unveiling the stars: Astrology’s influence on Singaporean travel

Skyscanner’s latest revelations reveal how the ancient art of Zodiac readings and astrology continue to shape the travel decisions of Singapore’s Millennials and Gen Zs

Astrology, deeply rooted in Singaporean culture, has transcended generations, casting its influence on various aspects of life like love, career, and even travel, as evident in Skyscanner’s recent survey.

The Zodiac and Travel 2024 study unfolds a captivating narrative, illustrating how the stars remain steadfast guides for the nation’s Millennials and Gen Zs. In a revelation that speaks volumes, a staggering 70% of Singapore’s younger generations turn to Zodiac readings when charting the course for their journeys.

Photo by Unsplash+ / Allison Saeng

Upon closer inspection of the data, intriguing generational nuances come to light. Millennials, it appears, embrace the celestial wisdom with open arms, showing a 13% higher tendency to subscribe to Zodiac predictions compared to their Gen Z counterparts. However, the latter, while seeking predictions, exhibit a remarkable inclination to carve their own destinies, often bypassing the advice offered and forging ahead with their travel plans. This dynamic reveals the fluid nature of beliefs across generations, providing a glimpse into how cultural practices gracefully adapt to the ever-changing tides of time.

Diving deeper into travel preferences, the survey highlights the laid-back inclinations of the majority of Millennials and Gen Zs, favouring a relaxed approach to their journeys. Yet, within this sea of free spirits, the Tiger babies (1986, 1998) emerge as unique exceptions, preferring detailed planning and seeking kindred spirits who match their structured approach. And, in a delightful twist, those born in the year of the Rooster (1981, 1993, 2005) emerge as the perfect travel companions for these meticulous Tiger babies, bringing the ideal blend of detail-oriented planning to the adventure.

On the culinary front, Snake babies (1989, 2001) seize the title of most adventurous foodies, with the Monkeys (1992, 2004) being a close runner-up. In contrast, Rabbit babies (1987, 1999) opt for the familiar path, navigating through established food joints like cafes and pubs.

While the allure of culinary delights and relaxation may sway the choices of many Singaporeans, sightseeing reigns supreme among the Zodiac signs. Dog babies (1982, 1994, 2006) ascend to the throne, expressing a penchant for scenic adventures. Simultaneously, Pigs (1983, 1995, 2007) and Oxen (1985, 1997) claim the title of the best photographers in the bunch, embodying a deep love for capturing memories through the lens.

For Dragons (1988, 2000), however, the allure of mental recharge takes precedence over foodie-focused trips and adventure-filled escapades. They stand out among the Zodiac signs, displaying a particular affinity for solitary moments of me-time during their travels.

As a Gen Z Oxen, personally, I must admit the survey is surprisingly accurate. Although, a career in photography might leave me a bit light in the wallet. The stars may guide our journeys, but it seems they also have a playful sense of humour.