Date Night: Bar Cicheti is back after a month-long makeover, and we are liking it more than ever

By Hannah Choo 13 June, 2024

The pasta- and wine-focused Bar Cicheti makes up for lost time with renewed interiors, a refreshed menu and better portions

What’s the story?

Bar Cicheti claims to be Singapore’s first dedicated pasta and wine bar. While we don’t see it as an accolade, they do live up to being one of the city’s best trattorias. Having gained a loyal following since 2017, Bar Cicheti recently reopened in April after a month-long makeover. Patrons are rewarded with renewed interiors, filled with the presence of Bacchus, the Roman god of wine, and a refreshed menu with some gutsy moves and much improved portions.

What should one order?

The Smoked Rigatoni Cacio e Pepe is the star, no questions asked. Taking a strong cue from the wok hei in Asian stir-fries, the rigatoni is charred on the grill for that extra layer of smoke and chew, before being tossed in butter, aged parmigiano and Sarawak black pepper. It is one of the eight signature pasta dishes (pasta is made fresh daily, as it should), which includes classics like the Calamarata Arrabbiata, topped with creamy stracciatella, and Bucatini con Gamberi, cloaked in a rich lobster bisque and succulent Argentinean red prawn.

Smoked Rigatoni Cacio e Pepe. Photo by Bar Cicheti

Of course, there is more to Bar Cicheti than great pasta. Burratina is no longer a boring option, not with the raspberry vinaigrette and juicy fermented cherries, and the Saltimbocca, which translates to “jump in your mouth”, is pretty much a flavour bomb ready to explode. Never mind the choice of meat; there’s plenty to love about veal tenderloin, wrapped with a 16-month aged prosciutto, being seared to a caramelised crisp exterior and glazed with sweet Marsala wine.

Saltimbocca, veal tenderloin wrapped in prosciutto. Photo by Bar Cicheti

As for drinks, cocktails are creative (the one named Cacio e Pepe comes in the form of a mezcal-based sour, dusted with cheese) and the wine list, fun and diverse. Ronald Kamiyama, managing partner and sommelier, has designed a menu filled with sustainably sourced and biodynamic labels from the Old and New Worlds. They fall under eight categories, with iconic movie quotes for context; a typical Star Wars line depicts energetic wines made from high-acid grapes, while a line from Oppenheimer defines wines that break the norm and defy expectations.

What else is there to know?

The surprise-seeking wine lover may opt for Sommakase, a S$45 flight of three wines handpicked by the sommelier, or the Blinder test (S$109), a mystery bottle of wine that will lead to a discount if you correctly guess the wine’s grape and producer. There’s also a good assortment of Nihonshu by family-owned breweries that employ techniques that have been around since the Edo Period.

Bar Cicheti
10 Jiak Chuan Road,
Singapore 089264
Tel: +65 6789 9801/9640 5502