Buy a Vacheron Constantin watch without leaving your home

Vacheron Constantin’s new remote sales service lets you buy a luxury timepiece from the comfort of home

Vacheron Constantin may be best known as the world’s longest running Swiss watch manufacture, but age, as it demonstrates, is just a number. Although the watches it makes are steeped in centuries-old horological traditions, the 268-year-old company is also a forward-thinking enterprise that embraces technological innovations.

The Vacheron Constantin E-boutique stocks a selected range of models suited for online shopping decisions

The company recently rolled out a new digital platform featuring a remote sales service for customers in Singapore and Australia. Available on the brand’s website, the Vacheron Constantin E-boutique aims to replicate the brand’s customised and intuitive sales experience for online shoppers.

If you were browsing through this publication and feel compelled to purchase, say, a Fifty-Six manual-winding dress watch for yourself, or a diamond-studded Égérie moon-phase for your partner, now you can do it from the convenience of your laptop or phone. As you apply the filters that narrow your choices and pore over the wealth of material for each collection, a sales advisor from the brand will be in contact and guide you through the options. Once your decision is made, the watch will be delivered right to your doorstep.

Despite its reputation as the longest running Swiss watch company, Vacheron Constantin is know to be forward-thinking
Currently, the selection of timepieces on the E-boutique is tightly curated—and understandably so. Online customers will find an assortment of time-only and basic complications, but hotly coveted models such as the Overseas chronographs and high-complications are not listed due to their availability and exclusivity.

The E-boutique is the latest in a series of tech-driven initiatives by Vacheron Constantin to bolster its customer experience, from blockchain secured digital certification to a member’s only community portal—defying stereotypes of old and ponderous Swiss watchmaking houses that are resistant to change.

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