Four car rally holidays to get your blood pumping this year

a car driving through at a car rally holiday called the mille miglila

From the historic trails of Europe to the awe-inspiring vistas of the US, these car rally-inspired vacations are made for petrolheads pining for release

Unwinding on a vacation can take a different turn for motoring enthusiasts. For pure exhilaration, nothing beats a car rally holiday, where the pulse races when clutching the steering wheel. Imagine being serenaded by the roar of supercharged engines, with every bend in the road inciting a fresh surge of excitement and an opportunity to challenge the limits.

Here, the world’s most exquisite racing machines take centre stage, competing in a grandiose ballet of velocity and style. It’s a celebration of both aesthetic and sensory pleasures of motion, set against a backdrop of stunning scenery. From the winding country roads of Europe to the vast expanse of the American desert, here are four car rally holidays to check out.

Corsa America Rally

four sports car driving at a car rally holiday called the corsa rally
The Corsa America Rally winds through North America. Photo by Corsa America Rally

When: 15 to 25 May

Proudly standing as the premier sports and luxury car rally in the US, the Corsa America Rally welcomes over 400 vehicles each year, transforming highways into a parade of power and prestige. The route is meticulously planned, winding through North America’s most iconic open roads. Beginning in Las Vegas, the seven-day rally will feature stops in Sedona and Gateway Canyon before ending in picturesque Vail. Participants are treated to extraordinary lodging, with five-star accommodation ensuring the rest is as splendid as the drive. From exclusive track days to sumptuous celebrations that sparkle into the early hours, the Corsa America Rally is a true celebration of automotive passion.

Corsa America Rally

GoldRush Rally Grand Prix The Atlantic Tour

a Porsche vehicle at a car rally holiday called the goldRush rally
There’ll be plenty for petrolheads to love at this year’s GoldRush Rally. Photo by LXII Photography/GoldRush Rally

When: 17 to 26 May

A journey of opulence and adventure awaits at GoldRush Rally’s Grand Prix The Atlantic Tour. This adventure weaves through the East Coast’s legendary locations, promising a host of luxury accommodation, electrifying scenery and gourmet delights. From the historic avenues of Boston to the golden beaches of Boca Raton, participants bask in a harmonious blend of roaring engines, scenic splendour and lavish lifestyles.

GoldRush Rally

The Cannon Run’s Mega Run 2024

two sports vehicles at a car rally holiday called The Cannon Run
Bona fide enthusiasts should check out The Cannon Run. Photo by The Cannon Run

When: 4 to 11 June

The Cannon Run crafts experiences that cater to bona fide motoring enthusiasts. This year’s Mega Run is set to eclipse all expectations, offering an intoxicating mix of high-performance supercars and radiant European sunshine. Beginning in London, the journey features stops at the picturesque landscapes of Annecy, the glamour of Saint-Tropez and the chic allure of Milan. Participants will enjoy all-inclusive stays in five-star accommodation, ensuring every moment off the road is as spellbinding as the time spent on it.

The Cannon Run

Mille Miglia

a vintage vehicle at the mille miglia
Vintage car lovers can go back in time at this year’s Mille Miglia. Photo by Mille Miglia

When: 11 to 15 June

Step back in time with Mille Miglia, a homage to the golden age of motor racing filled with vintage allure and Italian sophistication. This storied event invites enthusiasts to drive classic cars that once competed in the original race, tracing a 1,000 mile route that offers picturesque views of Italy’s countryside. Those who partake in Mille Miglia will experience an intimate exploration of Italy’s rich culture, history and culinary excellence, all within the warm embrace of vintage and storied vehicles.

Mille Miglia

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