The Christofle Babylone Collection embodies braided elegance

By Amos Chin 8 July, 2024

The Babylone Collection, conceived in collaboration with artist Aurélie Bidermann, offers sublime silver tableware, decorative pieces and jewellery inspired by one of Paris’s most fashionable and culturally significant streets

Steeped in Parisan style, the Babylone collection draws its inspiration from rue de Babylone, which has been an emblem of elegance and art de vivre since the 17th century. Nestled on Rive Gauche, rue de Babylone is a favoured destination for discerning aesthetes and the inspirational backdrop for Parisian artist Aurélie Bidermann, whose collaboration with Christofle brings forth this exquisite collection of tableware, ornamental pieces and jewellery.

Bidermann’s design ethos, marked by a convergence of minimalism and opulence, infuses the collection with a unique vibrancy inspired by her global journeys and a profound appreciation for the French savoir-faire. Each piece exudes artful refinement and is a testament to the art of living.

Designer Aurélie Bidermann integrates natural shapes or materials into Christofle’s Babylone collection. Photo by Christofle

The streamlined curves, reminiscent of plump brioche braids and art deco-inspired elements, contrast beautifully with the smooth, silver-plated metal of the bowl, napkin ring, metal cup and candleholder. This artful juxtaposition can also be seen on the dinner and dessert plates made of matte and shiny biscuit porcelain, encircled by two types of braided patterns. Two vertical vases, fashioned with porcelain and silver-plated metal, provide a striking centrepiece for floral arrangements, epitomising the collection’s blend of form and function.

The collection includes pieces such as napkin rings, a centrepiece and bowl, all plated in silver, as well as a porcelain vase and sterling silver bangle rings. Photo by Christofle

A selection of jewellery pieces extends Bidermann’s artistic flair. Statement pieces such as an XXL braided bangle and a sculpted ring elevate eveningwear ensembles with their bold and luxurious presence. More discreet creations, including a delicate ring, bracelet and earring, offer an understated elegance, adorning the wearer with subtle glitter.

The Babylone Collection is a thrilling new addition to Christofle’s illustrious repertoire, reinforcing the maison’s status as the ultimate reference in the art of the table—and a reminder that true luxury lies not just in the objects alone, but in the moments and memories they create.

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