Christofle Paragon: The third Singapore boutique of the French luxury silversmith

For luxury connoisseurs who hold dear the nuances of refined living, Christofle’s new boutique at Paragon beckons with an unparalleled shopping experience

At the heart of Orchard Road lies Paragon, the home to Christofle’s third boutique in Singapore. This grand entrance is not just a testament to Christofle’s expanding legacy but a tribute to the art de vivre that the brand so elegantly encapsulates.

Imagine stepping into an enclave that whispers tales of Parisian opulence, where the essence of 9 Rue Royale—the iconic flagship in Paris—resonates within every corner. The new boutique is a homage to timeless elegance, marrying the old-world charm of meticulously crafted mouldings with the contemporary allure of walnut steles and silver accents, all under the soft caress of luxurious velvet. The colour palette is a sophisticated symphony of dark wood, shimmering silver, and the signature Christofle green, crafting an atmosphere that is both intimate and grandiose.

Store ambience. Photo by Christofle

But the allure of this boutique lies not just in its design but in the treasures it holds within. Here, in this sanctuary of sophistication, the entire Christofle universe unfolds before your eyes. From the radiant sparkle of table art to the refined aesthetics of home decor, from the bespoke elegance of the bar collection to the thoughtful nuance of gifting options, the boutique is a gateway to the French art de vivre, promising an experience as enriching as it is exclusive.

Positioned on the fourth floor of Paragon, this boutique beckons to those who seek the pinnacle of luxury shopping—an experience that transcends the ordinary and invites you into a world where elegance and craftsmanship reign supreme.