Devialet: The best and most compact speakers (that we know of) come from France

devialet phantom reactor

Since 2007, Devialet has been making some pretty big claims, like promising “truly exceptional sound that overdelivers on all scores”. Talk is cheap, but not in this case

Music is a powerful tool. No matter how abstract an art form it is or how little it might say, music will still manage to tickle our nerves and touch us deep. And no matter how tough you think you are, your body will somehow betray you. Emotions, whatever they are, will give in and rise to the bait.

That liberation is bliss, and to earn that bliss, you will need a Devialet. Made in France, it is a proud brand that badly wants you to be impressed. Since its founding in Paris in 2007, it’s made some pretty big claims, such as promising “truly exceptional sound that overdelivers on all scores” and an “implosive bass you feel with your whole body”. And just over a decade in existence, it’s earned itself a long list of awards to boast about.

Talk is cheap, but we have to admit that Devialet so far has walked the talk. The speakers are so committed to great sound delivery that they make songs sound as fresh as the day they were recorded. Blast Queen’s Another Bites the Dust on a Phantom Reactor (featured in the video above) at the break of dawn, and notice how it will boom without a distortion, crack or scratch. Enjoy John Deacon’s punchy bass and the crisp, accurate range of treble. And because it’s so clean and precise, no song would feel too loud. Your neighbours might like it, and so would the ghost of Freddie Mercury.

The speakers are small in stature but big in sound, and it’s hard to tell from just the looks of the Phantom Reactor or Premier. On the surface, there’s really not much going on at all – the Reactor features five discreet touch-sensitive controls – but beneath that is a lavish use of expensive and complicated technology. Everything, from designing to engineering, is done in France. It has as much substance to flaunt as it has style.

In fact, the success of Devialet began with the invention of ADH (Analog Digital Hybrid) Intelligence technology, a mishmash of analog and digital amplification, which translates into unprecedented sound quality. This was a breakthrough that revolutionised the sound industry, but it doesn’t stop there.

Never one to rest on its laurels, Devialet is still in the process of developing other proprietary tech. That includes SAM (Speaker Active Matching), which guarantees a seamless match between your amplifier and connected speakers, and HBI (Heart Bass Implosion), which enables its speakers to outperform other loudspeakers in terms of power and physical volume.

It’s a lot of big words, but no matter. What Devialet wants in the end, is for you to play your music as intended by the artist, and there’s no doubt that it performs as well as it does on paper. After all, we’ve heard it for ourselves, and so should you, for the sake of music.

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