Dictador’s M-City Golden Cities is a custom-blended rum that can be yours for US$1.5 million

By Ho Yun Kuan 18 November, 2022
Dictador M-City Golden Cities rum

The custom-blended rum comes bottled in 24-carat gold, embossed with a city map that you hold closest to your heart

There’s a lot that a million dollars can buy. A supercar, a singular large diamond, or maybe a fraction of your happiness.

What a million dollars cannot stretch to, however, is a bottle of rum. Not just any rum, of course, but the M-City Golden Cities rum by Colombian distillery Dictador—a bottle of it will set you back US$1.5 million.

Forking out the price will get you more than just liquor. The experience begins with a rare opportunity to visit Dictador’s distillery in Cartagena, Colombia, where you will get to create a customised blend of aged rum with the guidance of one of the brand’s master distillers.

Your alcoholic creation will then be bottled in a 24-carat gold bottle embossed with the map of the city that you hold closest to your heart. The bottle art will be made by Polish artist M-City, who is known for his large-scale stencilled cityscapes. Each city will only be portrayed once and never repeated, so get in there early to ensure you get your first choice.

With a history dating back to 1913, Dictador remains a family-owned company that is now into its third generation. Fully committed to producing the best rums it can with the Parra family’s age-old formulas, the brand’s award-winning liquors have garnered accolades worldwide.

Availability for M-City Golden Cities will close once its total sales hit a billion dollars. According to Dictador, a few bottles have already been sold.