Banker Elaine Lim-Chan on the Volkswagen Touareg: “I love its rugged charm and sharp handling”

Banker Elaine-Lim Chan loves the new Volkswagen Touareg for its top-notch handling, good looks and safety

Performance is something that banker Elaine Lim-Chan holds in high regard when it comes to cars. And certainly, the new Volkswagen Touareg delivers on that front. It develops 340hp from its three-litre V6 and will get from zero to 100km/hr in under six seconds, though that’s just a part of why the Touareg handles the way it does. That is, like a car a size class smaller.

Referring to the confidence the Touareg inspires in corners, a direct result of the new running gear and suspension system it comes equipped with, Lim-Chan comments: “Performance, not just in terms of driving fast, but the handling and how well-balanced it is, especially when it’s handling corners.”

At the heart of the new Touareg is its adaptive all-wheel drive system that can direct power to where it’s needed most. Aiding that is an all-new all-wheel steering system that can turn the rear wheels in tandem with the front ones.

This not only aids the big SUV’s agility while cornering, it also helps with reducing its turning circle, making the Touareg a great fit for the tight confines of the city. Another aspect Lim Chan appreciates is safety and you probably won’t be surprised to learn that the new Touareg scores big in that department too.

It recently received a perfect five-star score in the Euro NCAP safety test. In terms of passive safety, the Touareg’s bodyshell, formed of an intelligent mix of high-strength steels and other reinforcement structures, seat belts and other measures, already put it in good stead. But it’s the active safety protocols that really allow the Touareg to shine.

In addition to a whole network of airbags, it also has collision warning and mitigation systems that can alert the driver and automatically brake the car if it senses a crash is about to happen.

In addition to that, the new Touareg also comes with a host of support systems that help reduce the driver’s workload. Adaptive cruise control allows users to set speed and following distance to the car in front, while the lane-keeping assistant gently guides drivers back into the lane if it detects they are straying.

The Lane Assist feature also works to keep the Touareg perfectly centred in the lane at all times, ensuring the safety of everyone aboard. Even traffic jams are a breeze when driving the Touareg, with a traffic jam assistant ‘driving’ the car in the most monotonous of driving tasks – start-stop traffic.

However, those are just some of the more obvious safety features in the new Touareg. Another feature often overlooked is the windscreen head-up display. In the Touareg, it displays pertinent information such as speed, navigation instructions and other critical information right into the driver’s line of sight.

“I can see the speed and navigation, all without taking my eyes off the road,” says Lim-Chan. And all that wrapped up in the body of an SUV that’s every bit deserving of being called a flagship product.

“When I look at the car, it has quite a commanding presence. It’s got quite a strong front profile and I like the LED lights that add a certain charm to its rugged looks,” Lim-Chan comments.

While it might seem like a trivial point next to the new Touareg’s accomplishments in safety, handling and technology, its sharpened looks also no doubt contribute to its appeal. After all, there’s probably nothing better than something with the smarts and the looks to match.