Intimate spaces to prepare yourself for the day ahead

Orchid chandelier and table lamp

Parisian glass artist Nathalie Ziegler flew to Singapore specially to personally install her creation – an intricately crafted flower glass chandelier – in the Penthouse. A master in the age-old craft of glass-blowing, Ziegler has carved out stunning glass lighting designs that have been exhibited at numerous art museums and galleries in France, Los Angeles, London and Bangkok, amongst numerous others. Ziegler adds an exquisite touch to all her artworks by adopting intricate silvering techniques, a process which coats her creations with a lustrous layer of reflective substance. Nature is often her source of inspiration.

The flower table lamp, which will find a home on the dresser, is also delicately mouth-blown and hand-cut by Ziegler herself. She weaves in chromatic elements of copper and silver to the art piece, achieving a captivating, lustrous facade that adds aplomb to any living space.

Designer: Nathalie Ziegler

Store: Affluency

Womenswear and accessories

Max Mara Resort 2019 draws inspiration from a selection of contributing artists from Collezione Maramotti, a factory turned gallery situated in Reggio Emilia, Italy. The women’s collection is bathed in warm, earthy colours, ranging from ecru and zinc white to iron grey and jute. More than just bare, neutral-coloured pieces, Resort 2019 also sees a range of playful design elements such as patchworks, twists, knots and plaits.

For those visiting the penthouse, look out for the QR codes on Max Mara’s products. Scanning a code takes you to Inspify, a platform that allows you to ‘reserve’ that particular piece and make a viewing appointment at the brand’s retail store.

Store: Max Mara

Vanity Mirror and Stay Accent chair

One can count on Lladro’s diverse portfolio of porcelain sculptures to spruce up a bare living space. And a glamorous addition to any dressing table is the Vanity Mirror, which is handmade in Valencia by Lladro’s team of skilled artisans. Standing at 41cm tall and 29cm wide, the European-style, frameless mirror sits on a white lacquered wood base with elements of matte white porcelain.

Store: Lladro

These Stay chairs by Sé Collections exude timeless 1920s charm, adding the perfect touch of luxury to both his and her wardrobes. The legs and frames of these chairs are crafted from gold powder coated stainless steel, and elegantly finished with a snazzy velvet upholstery.

STORE: Affluency

Orsinia, Canata and Hangisi shoes

No wardrobe is complete without statement shoes, in particular, Manolo Blahnik’s red hot pieces, including Orsinia, Canata and the Hangisi flat.

The first is an ode to the late Italian fashion icon Anna Piaggi, a style writer who worked for such publications as Arianna, Vanity and Vogue Italia. The Orsiania is a tribute to her peerless, striking aesthetic with blue hair and dramatic make-up.

The Canata mainly draws design cues from Italian architecture — specifically the interiors of the famous Villa Necchi Campiglio. This pair of royal purple heels elegantly finished with yellow floral motifs is Blahnik’s modern reinterpretation of the villa’s lozenge stucco ceilings, walnut parquetry and heavy sliding doors.

These iconic crystal buckle Hangisi flats feature floral motifs that draw inspiration from two Spanish films, ‘La Flor de mi Secreto’ and ‘Volver’. These films are lauded for portraying Dalí-esque surrealism, 19th-century melodrama, pictorial realism, and classic Hollywood noir. Each buckle, gloriously bejewelled with 144 high-quality crystals, is handmade in Italy by skilled craftsmen.

Store: Manolo Blahnik

Menswear and accessories

You’ll find three distinct fashion looks bathed in soft hues of blue in the men’s closet. The pieces, which made their debuts at the Ermenegildo Zegna Summer ’19 runway show, include an over-the-head bomber suit, EZC Corrado and EZC Cesare sneakers, an oversized crewneck T-shirt sporting repeated XXX motifs, cargo jogging pants with elements of denim, a leather jacket and a knitted vest in foremast taupe glazed cotton.

First seen on the runway at the Ermenegildo Zegna Couture Winter 2017 show, the Tiziano sneakers combine minimalism with contemporary design motifs that take the form of painted edges, the brand’s signature hand-stitched triple stitch logo and stylish couture detailing.

Ermenegildo Zegna’s Packaway Suit will also come in handy for the jet setters. The pack includes business travel staples such as a wool sweater and suit, a silk tie, Buffalo leather shoes along with a pair of cotton and silk sweatpants that are wrinkle resistant.

Ermenegildo Zegna’s Gift Collection adds a playful touch of luxury to a living space. Here, you’ll find a ping-pong set, sunglasses case, cigarette box case and a dice game, all bearing the signature XXX Pelle Tessuta motif.

For those at the penthouse, look out for the QR codes on Ermenegildo Zegna’s products. Scanning a code takes you to Inspify, a platform that allows you to ‘reserve’ that particular piece and make a viewing appointment at the brand’s retail store.