Andy Treadwell, Singapore Yacht Show

Andy Treadwell, founder of Singapore Yacht Show and CEO of Verventia Pte Ltd

In its ninth year, the Singapore Yacht Show is synonymous with jetsetting glamazons, cocktail soirees and grown-up toys. But it’s not all air kisses and credit talk.

“It’s hard work, a long term project, and requires considerable investment,” says Andy Treadwell, CEO of Verventia Pte Ltd, organisers of the Singapore Yacht Show, “Being surrounded by people who can afford big ticket items and a luxury lifestyle doesn’t mean that we all can.”

Treadwell has always been around boats. After carving out a career for over two decades in the passport and national identity business, he entered the yachting world via Informa Plc, where he was CEO of their Sports & Leisure Group. It owned a large portfolio of events, such as the Monaco Yacht Show, the Superyacht Cup Regattas, the Abu Dhabi Yacht Show and the World Yacht Racing Forum. Singapore Yacht Show, launched in 2011, was founded as a spin-off from the Monaco show.

Now based in both Singapore and Thailand, he first moved to Asia, staking his life savings in a then undeveloped sector. He acquired part of the group in 2012, developing events specialising in the leisure marine and lifestyle sectors.

“I’ve never been very good at conforming — to other people’s expectations or instructions,” shares the entrepreneur, who dreams of refitting an old classic yacht one day.

Andy Treadwell, Singapore Yacht Show