Singapore Yacht Show 2018: Glitz, glamour and fabulous boats on display

2018 Singapore Yacht Show

The eighth edition of one of Singapore’s finest yacht shows brings the big boys toys to the dock

The 2017 edition of the Singapore Yacht Show was all about grandeur – the presence of superyachts in the form of the Ambrosia, Ocean Emerald and Silverfast more than cemented that notion.

The 2018 instalment of the Singapore Yacht Show, however, took a slightly different tack. Where majestic superyachts ruled the roost in 2017, the watchword this year must have been ‘intimacy’.

Not that there wasn’t a selection of world-class superyachts this year. Dutch boatyard Amels brought along the stunning 180-footer La Familia. It’s the smallest member of Amels’ Limited Editions semi-custom superyacht range, but “small” in the superyacht world is a completely relative term.

Joining her at the ONE°15 Marina was Aquamarina. Being exhibited for the first time ever at a yacht show, her name is apt, since her 155-foot hull is painted a fetching turquoise. And while she was launched over a decade ago in 2006, her lines are still as relevant as ever. Conclusive proof that her Italian builders ISA are masters of timeless design.

2018 Singapore Yacht Show
The show-stopping boats that lit up the night at ONE°15 Marina

But more importantly, was the growing importance of the region as a yachting destination.

Andy Treadwell, CEO and Founder of Singapore Yacht Show commented, “Government attendance from around the region demonstrated that the ASEAN nations  – and some further afield – are starting to wake up to the huge opportunity for untapped high-end yacht tourism in this most alluring, yet virtually undiscovered yachting destination. And the large-scale economic impact it will bring when it surely comes.”

Just to underscore the region’s growing importance is how boatyards are adapting to the needs of buyers here.

“Regionally, there’s little interest on overnight cruising and more interest in having leisure rooms instead of cabins, so brands are changing the cabins into entertainment rooms for karaoke, games or dining,” says Treadwell.

Sunreef Yachts agreed, with it observing that catamarans are starting to win over regional buyers, owing to multi-hull designs inherently having more deck, and therefore, entertainment space.

2018 Singapore Yacht Show
Simpson Marine, clinched two deals during the show, selling a Lagoon 50 and Aquila 36

Naturally, there were some high profile sales during the show. Sunreef Yachts sold a 50 Amber Limited Edition, of which just 10 will ever be made, on the very first day. Simpson Marine, the show’s largest exhibitor with 11 boats on display sold a Lagoon 50 and Aquila 36. Princess Yachts, too, received strong interest for a handful of boats, with the British boatyard selling a 68-foot yacht outright on the first day.

2018 Singapore Yacht Show
The gala dinner incorporated a silent auction benefiting the Biosphere Foundation

But more than the impressive boats on display, and indeed, on sale, this year was the nearly endless stream of parties and social events.

The proceedings kicked off on the first night of the show with the Sentosa Ball. This year’s theme, All that Glitters, was appropriate, with guests dressed to the nines for the gala dinner incorporating a silent auction benefiting the Biosphere Foundation. The night was just getting started, though, with guests letting their hair down during the night’s after party.

The festivities continued through the weekend, with numerous boatyards holding cocktail parties aboard their respective craft exhibited on the marina. Ferretti, Monte Carlo Yachts, Princess Yachts, Sanlorenzo and more entertained guests aboard.

And as the sun set on the last day of the Singapore Yacht Show 2018, the great and good of the global yacht industry (and their guests, of course) adjourned to Ce La Vi for the official after party.

In some ways the eighth outing of the Singapore Yacht show ended exactly the way it started – with a stunning party. Fitting, really.

Singapore Yacht Show