Ning Chong

Ning Chong, director of The Culture Story

Life’s not always about glamorous parties for arts aficionado Ning Chong. Her now decade-long experience in the professional art world started from the ground up, from internships in London’s leading auction houses such as Christie’s, Sotheby’s, Phillips de Pury and internationally renowned art gallery, White Cube.

While it was her father who initially planted the idea of a career in the arts, the London School of Economics graduate soon found the excitement of working with artists and creating exhibitions during her time with Singapore’s National Arts Council. Chong herself has collected art since her youth, and believes it to be a form of self-expression. Among the collection she has amassed, her favourite remains a portrait of her mother, which she proudly hangs at home.

“Fine art is not just about beautiful objects,” Ning claims. “It’s about the human condition, the environment, social political cultural issues. With art, you are always learning, the journey never ends.” In early 2017, she launched The Culture Story, a space that redefines the art salon for the 21st century. Through their programmes and efforts, there’s been a shift in perception to what can be done in Singapore that’ll make a difference. Looking ahead, Ning intends to present a large scale public art project in Marina Bay in the next two years. And judging by her tenacity, drive, creativity and intelligence, there’s no doubt that we’ll be seeing something amazing.

Ning Chong