Gramovox Flips Our World Around With Its Vertical Turntable

By Renyi Lim 11 January, 2018
Floating Record Vertical Turntable by Gramavox

Spin me right round

Here’s a turntable that’s going to make you flip out in the best way possible. Gramovox has come up with its clever, high-performance Floating Record Vertical Turntable (US$550, S$730), which is just as eye-catching as it sounds. Better yet, it delivers acoustically, thanks to its built-in phono pre-amp, two-inch neodymium, full-range stereo speakers, and an AT95E diamond-tip cartridge.

Built entirely in Chicago, the Floating Record Vertical Turntable comes with a genuine wood veneer finish of either maple or walnut – both of which look great while you’re spinning vinyl right out of the box.