Helmet air purifiers 2020: MicroClimate’s Air is equipped with HEPA filters to help you breathe better

MicroClimate's Air

Breathe better air with MicroClimate’s Air helmet

MicroClimate's Air
The MicroClimate Air comes with a clear acrylic visor and HEPA filters

With no end to the coronavirus pandemic immediately in sight, we’re all thinking a bit more about our health – and how to keep it. While masks are a vital accessory when in public, MicroClimate’s new helmet takes the idea of a face covering to a whole new level.

Appropriately dubbed Air, the insulating model completely encapsulates the head and neck with a clear acrylic visor to provide an unobstructed view. But more than providing coverage, the unit also uses HEPA air filters to purify both the incoming and outgoing air. Originally developed during World War II to remove radioactive particulate from the air, HEPA filters remain the gold standard in air filtration, and are capable of capturing the COVID-19 virus when airborne. That assuredness will no doubt make every plane ride and Uber trip that much more comfortable.

Currently only available in black, the device weighs a scant 907 grams and comes housed in its own carrying case. Its technical materials keep maintenance to a minimum with removable, washable fabric and a visor that can be cleaned with the included microfibre cloth.

MicroClimate's Air
It operates for over five hours and can recharge on the go

When fully charged via its streamlined USB-C port, Air can operate for over five hours – enough to get you through a mid-range flight. Though it can recharge on the go, it does take a full eight hours to top off completely. The built-in HEPA filters can last between four and six weeks when used regularly and the brand is currently developing easy replacements for the future owners. Sound inside the helmet is somewhat muffled (the brand claims to be working on this issue), but speech remains audible for those inside and outside the hermetic bubble.

And if you’re wondering how you’d be able to drink or eat anything while donning the Air, you can’t – yet. A small straw port is currently under development which would make MicroClimate’s device the first of its kind to allow drinking without having to remove the helmet entirely.

The first batch is expected to ship to customers this October for S$270. Visit the brand’s website to find out more.

This story first appeared on Robb Report US