Hublot’s latest collection: The Square Bang Unico

Hublot introduces a new shape to its lineup in the form of the Square Bang, which maintains the essence of the brand’s bold styling

There is a certain casual disregard for tradition that accompanies a square-shaped watch, one that makes it a natural fit for Hublot. The new Square Bang Unico invites comparison to the extant tonneau-shaped Spirit of Big Bang, but the seemingly minor change in profile comes with a personality of its own—the broad shoulders of the Square Bang make it more prominent on the wrist while being just as wearable at 42mm across, as well embracing a more contemporary aesthetic.

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The Square Bang Unico collection

The Square Bang Unico will feature alongside the Spirit of Big Bang as part of its Shaped collection, offering a different look at the key Big Bang codes, such as the skeletonised chronograph movement, sapphire dial, and bezel with six screws. “The DNA of the Big Bang is really recognisable, and we can see that it’s really a Hublot watch,” comments Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe. He adds that the Big Bang remains the iconic pillar for the brand, representing over 50 per cent of its sales; the Classic Fusion meanwhile takes around 30 to 35 per cent. “Here, if it’s 10, 15 per cent, it’s a nice result,” he says of the Shaped collection.

“When I launched the Spirit… at the beginning, it was not that successful. But step by step, it increased. Now it’s really quite important to us,” he says. “The Square may cannibalise a little bit from the Spirit, but together they will build a nice part of our sales.” He believes the Square Bang will follow in the footsteps of the Spirit of Big Bang and be more popular with younger buyers, a key demographic for Hublot. “We see these young generations that want something different, and there are not that many offers of square watches on the market,” he adds.

The Square Bang Unico was introduced earlier this year at Watches & Wonders, with the launch collection consisting of five executions including one in titanium (S$31,671), one in King Gold (S$59,148), and a collector’s edition in all black ceramic (S$36,009). The latter is limited to 250 pieces.