Jaeger-LeCoultre drops three dazzling limited edition Reverso watches inspired by the tropics

Stunning gem-setting and enamel techniques shine on these artisanal Reverso One watches

It is summer and the gardens are bursting with colours—and none more vividly than on these new Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso One watches, richly decorated with diamonds and depictions of tropical flowers in bloom.

This trio of Reverso One ’Precious Flowers’ watches—named Birds of Paradise, Hibiscus Enamel, and Hibiscus Diamonds—are limited to 10 pieces per iteration. And like their forebears from 2021, the watches’ pink gold cases provide a ready canvas for Jaeger-LeCoultre’s artisans to showcase their chops.

On the new Reverso One ‘Precious Flowers’, gem-setting, as well as enamelling techniques like grand feu, champlevé and paillonne take centre stage. To create the floral motifs, artisans first hollow out sections of the flat metal surface to form the desired shapes. Following that, liquid enamel pigments are applied to the crevices, in a process known as champlevé (‘raised field). To accentuate the design, artisans then apply tiny pieces of shaped 24k gold leaves—a technique known as paillonnage.

Finally, to achieve the desired hues and shades, the multiple layers of coloured enamel pigments are applied and heated, in an oven with temperature that go as high as 800º C. This painstaking process, known as grand feu (‘high fire’) demands both patience and experience.

But the fastidiousness is worth it. Each model expresses its namesake take on nature with artful sophistication. The Precious Flowers Hibiscus Enamel and Precious Flowers Hibiscus Diamonds, for instance, present the exotic tropical flower with breathtaking colours and glamour, wrapping the entire caseback in rich shades of blue, green and gold.

The Hibiscus Diamond, as its name implies, is lavished with even more stones; approximately 523 diamonds totalling 2.02 carats, compared to 157 diamonds totalling 1.25 carats on the Hibiscus Enamel.

Reverso One Precious Flowers Hibiscus Diamonds. Photo by Jaeger-LeCoultre

The Birds of Paradise is just as spectacular. Taking over 125 hours to craft, this model shines with its vibrant depiction of the plant with bursts of orange and green—the result of nine layers of enamel that took almost 60 hours to apply and fire—set against 331 diamonds totalling 1.64 carats.

When Jaeger-LeCoultre introduced the Reverso in 1931, its trademark reversible case was created for polo players to protect their watches against accidental knocks. Over time, the real estate accorded by the bare casebacks have proven to be fertile ground for Jaeger-LeCoulture’s most talented artisans to unleash their creativity. The latest additions to the Reverso One ‘Precious Flowers’ are further testament to the Reverso’s inimitable place in decorative horology.